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Why would you need a Fundraising coordinator and a Tournament coordinator?

Youth sports rely on parent volunteers. Therefore, you need to avoid putting too much pressure on any one volunteer the next time you are planning a tournament.  Make sure that you have both a Fundraising coordinator and a Tournament coordinator to ensure success.

đź“šVolunteers are like the binding of a book: They keep it all together. But, if you put too much pressure on them they can fray and burstđź“š

Why fundraise or go on tournaments anyway?

At a certain level of play, players may want to travel to tournaments in-order to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Meet expert coaches
  • Progress and be challenged

On the road, players can also learn more about how to take care of their body to keep it strong and healthy through:

  • Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Good sleep habits

Additionally, tournaments can offer players and parents great bonding opportunities. However, tournaments require additional costs to families and most teams will need to offset costs by fundraising.

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What do the roles of a Fundraising coordinator and a Tournament coordinator involve?

Fundraising Coordinator:

  • Organizes and supervises other fundraising volunteers
  • Keeps people on track and informed
  • Helps to set the fundraising goals: Asks “What do we need” ,”How much do we need to raise”, “When do we need it?”
  • Plans the execution of the fundraiser: Asks: “What type of fundraising platform will we use?” ,”How will we market it?”
  • Tracks and monitors donations
  • Makes sure supporters are thanked

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Tournament Coordinator:

  • Finds available tournaments and presents them to the team
  • Applies for tournaments: collects waivers and related documentation from team members
  • Communicates with parents: travel details, hotel options, booking requirements, packing lists, emergency plans (injury, lost child…)
  • Coordinates volunteers in-order to: verify tournament times, schedules of games, referee bookings, game sheets, management of volunteers, food and hydration plans
  • Thanks arenas, volunteers, coaches, players

Too Much of a Good Thing

It’s pretty obvious that these roles are significant. Therefore, trying to combine them could spell trouble for your team. Because, when one person takes on too much they risk becoming overwhelmed and missing key details. Consequently, separating the roles of a Fundraising coordinator and a Tournament coordinator is a great idea. Keep your volunteers from burning out and make sure roles are clearly defined and not too demanding.

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