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 2 Ways to Fundraise:

Old School vs. TeamFund.

You want to use the most effective and straightforward tools at your disposal when putting together a fundraiser. Your volunteers and organizers want to know that their valuable time and resources are not being wasted. Therefore, you need to know the pros and cons between these 2 ways to fundraise: old school fundraising and newer platforms like the one at TeamFund.

Old School Fundraiser

Traditionally, an old school fundraiser needs between 1-4 main organizers. Once a team is in place, they will need to agree on what type of fundraiser they will have:

  • Raffle: Make some calls, hit the pavement and find that big ticket item
  • Auction: Find cool donated items and hopefully people will want to bid on them
  • Bottle Drive: Pray for good weather and that people show up to help
  • Food/Product Fundraiser: Cross your fingers that the products are quality and pick-up times work out

“Who is going to make those spreadsheets to track everything?”

Old school ways tends to mean lots of paper work and planning. Consequently, they require a commitment to developing excellent communication and data entry skills. Team organizers will have to do a lot of leg work and cold calls as well as donation/product research. On the other hand, if everything works out, it can make for great team building and bonding.

Check out this Fundraiser Comparison Chart.

The Future of Fundraising

TeamFund knows that food is the future of good fundraising. More importantly, they have worked hard to find

great vendors with quality products and reliable track records

Offering products that people love will ensure your goals are met faster. TeamFund’s unique webpage and sales portal makes using and tracking your fundraiser easy. Planning a fundraiser using a well developed on-line platform can:

  • 🙌🏼Reduce the number of volunteers and planning time: The automated platform streamlines your campaign. Therefore, your team spends less time managing the fundraiser
  • 💰 Increase profits: Fundraising with food is one of the fastest growing and most profitable markets for team and school fundraising
  • 😡Reduce stress: Sign-up and data entry are easy. Secured delivery dates, locations and times means not having to worry about negotiating with vendors directly. You will never have to distribute order forms or collect cash or cheques
  • 📄Reduce paper work: An automated process means no spreadsheets and bookkeeping to track data. It helps eliminate paper trail errors

Find out more about Fundraising with Food.

All things considered…

Given all these points, it’s easy to see that running your next fundraiser with TeamFund is a great option. Volunteers want to know that their time is being used wisely and efficiently. In the end, if you have to choose between these 2 ways to fundraise, why go with what’s OLD when you can try something NEW?

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