Vendor Order Fulfillment

You Have An Order – Let’s Get Things Rolling!

Let’s ensure the customer receives 100% of their order on-time so everyone can be happy.

Accepting & Confirming the Order

  1. Review the order as soon as it comes into your inbox
  2. Confirm the order ASAP or you will get an email reminder every 6 hours
  3. Print a copy of the Vendor Packing Slip to have until you meet the organizer. Make sure the copy is clean.
  4. Prepare the order as per the vendor and TeamFund agreement
  5. Use TeamFund label on the exterior of the product box

Delivery Day & Time

  1. Once the delivery date has come, make arrangements to get the order to the organizer within a 30 min window
  2. Meet the organizer at the predetermined location: you may call the organizer if you are not able to locate him/her.
  3. Unload the order to the location: note that you are not required to enter a facility. Volunteers should not help you unload the order
  4. Once the order and products are organized, the organizer will count the products and sign your packing slip
  5. You can leave the premises.
  6. Invoice us and we will pay as per our agreement

Fulfillment & Product Distribution

Let’s get you organized so that no orders are missed, shorted or misdistributed.

Packing/Delivery Information

Packing Slips always display delivery information, with time and date for delivery.

Arrive On-Time

Drivers arrive within a 15-minute window for delivery. Locate the organizer or call him/her if needed


Ensure boxes are unloaded with labels facing one direction for a quick easy sort.