Social media can be a powerful tool in your fundraising campaign and one of the easiest ways to boost sales.

The internet is a powerful tool that can help promote your group and any fundraising you are doing. Keeping an ongoing, up to date presence online can help you connect with potential supporters.
Along with the online store that Team Fund creates for you, there are other platforms that can highlight your group, showcase products you’re selling, and encourage sales. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all excellent places to start. Different social media platforms will have different audiences. It helps to figure out who your target market will be.

Here are the pros and cons of these 3 to help boost your group’s profile and showcase your fundraising efforts.

  1. Facebook – In many cases you will be selling to an established demographic. These will be the parents of players, their friends, neighbours, and coworkers. Generally speaking these groups have careers and the ability to make buying decisions. In this case Facebook is an easy place to start. It offers the flexibility to use text and/or photos to convey your message. Non-profit groups can create a page that is very similar to the personal profiles most of us already have. The majority of people over the age of 30 will have a Facebook account. It’s a familiar platform for them. This makes it easy to market directly to them. Facebook is not as popular among younger people however, so if that’s your main target for fundraising, you may not find as much success here.
  2. Instagram – If your product is geared towards a younger demographic then Instagram is a great bet. As a visual platform all you need is an aspiring photographer to document events. Instagram is like flipping through your friend’s photo album. This is an excellent place to highlight activities your group is doing and posting photos of products you’re selling.
  3. Twitter – When it comes to Twitter, it’s easy to get lost in the constant scroll of information. People post quickly and regularly here. So if you use this platform be sure to have a contributor who can be online posting more frequently.  This will maximize your opportunity to connect with your audience.

You will increase your opportunities with any social media platforms if you contribute to them fairly regularly.

An account that doesn’t have new material gets boring quickly. Have members of your group submit photos to be posted and document the things that give your group life. Your supporters enjoy seeing what makes you tick and who your members are. Have fun with it.

Chances are good that at some point you will be reaching out to potential customers via an email message that explains what product you are selling for your fundraising campaign. Include information about your group’s social media accounts where people can connect with you. If you can get them to visit or even join your page, then you have gained additional opportunities to tell them about what you are up to. In essence you’ll be able to market to them directly and their social networks as well. Best of all, you’ve done it for free. By posting fun photos of your group, or the delicious meal you made with the product you are selling, you are selling in soft but significant ways. Of course there are many other online platforms that you can use as well, so be bold and find the best ones for your group. By using social media platforms to their full extent you are going to boost your sales and the success of your campaign. Good luck!!