If you are part of a team, you already have a fundraising edge. 

The idea of fundraising can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. As an organizer you need to research different methods and then make sure everything gets set up and people are informed. It’s a important job, but TeamFund’s purpose is to make fundraising as easy as possible for you. The real trick is getting your sellers motivated. Sounds easy enough, right? But how exactly do you do that?

Well, if your sellers are part of a sports team, the chances are that you already have the necessary skills. Being motivated, hard working, competitive sellers just waiting to take on a challenge. The characteristics that make you a great team are also the ones that will help you make sales. Being motivated, energetic, flexible, able to set goals, and persevering when things are challenging is an asset. Of course, anyone can get motivated, so even if your group isn’t part of a team, the same rules apply.

Setting up a friendly competition that is tied to sales can also help get people excited.

Your job as an organizer is to tap into that competitive edge. Of course there are a lot of ways to do that. For some groups they might be already highly motivated, but if you are finding it a little harder to get your sellers excited, consider turning it into a friendly competition. Why not offer a prize for the most sales each week of your fundraising campaign or a big prize at the end for the highest seller? Create some rewards that get your particular group of sellers excited. These can be purchased rewards, such as gift cards; however the down side of these is that it takes a modest amount out of your overall profits.

If you want to save money and get creative you could also think up some Player Benefits. These could be anything you can think of. Maybe your players would want to be on the starting lineup at the next game or having a coupon to get out of a drill at next week’s practice.

If your coach is a good sport, why not consider some kind of fun ‘payback’ rewards. These could include making the coach trade places with the winner for a dreaded drill, or allowing the winner to pour a bucket of cold water on the coach at a practice. Really these can be anything you think will motivate your players and are only limited to your imagination. The real benefit of these is that they can be highly personalized to your group and that they cost you virtually nothing which means more profit from your sales. Just be sure that the incentives are things your players actually want to work towards. If they aren’t rewarding they won’t feel the push to get selling.

Embrace your groups unique set of skills. You know where they excel and what motivates them, so don’t be afraid of the challenge.

Because TeamFund sends you detailed reports each week, it is very easy to keep track of earnings for each seller. Just check the fundraising report at the end of the week to see who your top sellers are. Competition to win prizes will drive sales and what you spend for a small incentive will be well worth it if it motivates everyone to close more sales. Teenage players might be more motivated by gift cards, but may also enjoy a fun reward that involves the coach. Adults might prefer to win a coffee card or a gift certificate for a meal somewhere. Whether it’s opting out of a practice drill, or a $25 iTunes gift card, get your players excited about selling. If you aren’t sure what would be a great prize, ask your players for ideas. They will know what motivates them. Good luck and happy selling.

Don’t for get to update everyone throughout the sales campaign to spur last minute pushes. Your players are likely already a little competitive with each other and providing motivation can reap real rewards for everyone.

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