Fundraising is about social networking and easier than you think.

The goal of fundraising is to raise as much money as possible for your non-profit group. There are many paths to success, but the most important elements involve connecting with your supporters. Here are some common mistakes that groups make and how to set yourselves up for success.

Make sure to get the word out. People need to know that you are fundraising so don’t be afraid to share your campaign every chance you get. Groups often don’t spread their net wide enough. Most non-profits are working on limited marketing budgets or no budget at all.  However, there are lots of free ways to communicate with your potential supporters.

  • Email and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, are excellent places to start. Social media is especially good for connecting to your network and beyond. Casting the biggest net possible will ensure a greater likelihood of financial support rolling in.Excited baby
  • Excite your supporters. One of the worst things you can do is overwhelm or bore your audience when it comes to fundraising. Keep your email appeal short and sweet so you don’t lose your audience. If you have a lot of information to share, you can provide a link where people can get more information. Just share the highlights in your initial message. If you can make it fun and interesting, people will get invested. The more entertaining you can be, the longer people will stay on a page.
  • Stay top of mind. Whether you are a soccer team or a school group looking to raise funds, one of the most common mistakes is sending one email and then quietly waiting to see if someone will give to your campaign. Keep in mind that we all have very busy lives and even the best intentioned supporter may get side tracked. There are subtle ways to remind them that your campaign is half way done or has only a few days left. It doesn’t always have to be a hard sell, but just make sure you connect with people a couple times. Doing this can significantly increase your profits.

The newest trend in fundraising is food!!

  • start hopscotchInclude a call to action. As awkward as it can be to approach someone for financial support, the reality is that is what you need to do. While not every connection with your potential supporters needs to ask for the sale, you need to do that some of the time. Be specific. Tell people what your fundraising goals are and encourage them to be part of your group’s success. Tell them how much you need their support in order to reach your goal. People want to support groups they feel can make a difference in the world. Help them see how their help will launch you to the next level.

Whether your group sells a product or has a walk-athon, you need to be bold and make sure your audience has a clear path to travel. Messages should be quick and entertaining. Consider colour photos or videos if you have a website. Make supporting you as easy as possible. It doesn’t take much to turn supporters off, so make sure that you keep their attention and help them stay focused on the goal. If you can do that, your campaign will reap the rewards.

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