Thinking about raising money this spring?

I was going to write an article about why spring was the perfect time for a fundraiser. However, as I type this there is a Special Weather Advisory for our area. Our city is under a blanket of freshly fallen snow and by some accounts, it’s the coldest Easter weekend since 1940. It certainly doesn’t feel much like spring right now. It can be difficult to stay positive and keep faith that there is better weather coming.

However, spring will come and the sun will return to melt all this snow. In a few months we may all be longing for a cool breeze to break the heat. So let’s talk about why now is a great time to raise funds for your organization. Most of the groups that TeamFund serves are either sports teams or school groups. Here is why April is perfect for either one.

School groups

Most schools follow a 10 month schedule and close up shop for the summer. It’s April so that means there are a solid 3 months left to make a push when it comes to raising funds. Our process of selling items and distribution takes about 6 weeks. That means if you start now, your families will have their orders before they break for the year. Money raised would come in very handy for next year’s Parent Council. Maybe the school wants field trips, playground equipment, or a drama group to come put on a presentation. Whatever it is, you’ll have the money already sitting there, ready to use.

If the end of the year isn’t a possibility, why not start planning your fall fundraiser?  Parents come and go from committees and there is always an inevitable lull in September. Families are just getting into the swing of a schedule again and the last thing someone has time for is researching and organizing. Help them out by getting the ball rolling. This will also secure your spot with us so you don’t face any delays in getting started.

Did you know we’ve expanded? Now serving Calgary and the Okanagan Valley.

Sports teams

Spring is also the time of year that many teams finish up their Winter Seasons and start Spring/Summer leagues. We’ve helped many sports teams earn money for uniforms, tournaments, and equipment or training. Kid’s sports can be very expensive already, especially when you have more than one kid in sports. Outgrown equipment and tournaments means there is a never ending list of things that parents need to shell out for. Avoid another cash call and let us tell you how to get started this spring. We have partnered with vendors our families love to make selling items as easy as possible. Consider starting this upcoming season out with some cash in your team account.

For those groups that raise money regularly, starting now means you will be able to spread out your campaigns. With one now and one in October when Fall/Winter seasons are starting you won’t burn out your friends and family. It also means that your players can do the fundraising and reap the rewards during the same season. Then if players change over each season, everyone still benefits from their own hard work.

Spring is a time of positive feelings. The melting of the snow (eventually) and the general sense of newness that is in the air. Now is an amazing time to talk to us about how we can help make your group successful. Our team has a ton of experience with getting groups just like yours started. We will gladly help you pick the perfect time to start.

You can choose to run a Fill-Your-Freezer Campaign or combine some of our other best sellers. We can help you turn spring into a fundraising success. And if your group is selling chocolate or coffee let me know. Frankly if it keeps snowing, I’m going to want to stock up on both.

Of course we help all kinds of people with their fundraising so don’t worry if you aren’t a school or team. We have the tools and experience to help your group too.

Let us help you get started fundraising for your group today. Download our Info Kit now.