People Are Saying Great Things About Us

Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of groups raise more than $1.5 million. Locally.

Fundraising Case Studies

Three groups, three successful fundraisers year after year.

$22,000 Raised Since 2017

“We love collaborating with TeamFund to run successful fundraisers that our families are happy to participate in.”

$35,000 Raised Since 2016

“The Wildcats football has had the pleasure of working with TeamFund for 4 years, 8 seasons! This platform is the way to go for fundraising.”

$15,000 Raised Since 2016

“I have been organizing our Clubs Spring fundraiser since 2016… Thank you TeamFund…wouldn’t do it without YOU!”

From the First Payment to Delivery, We’ve Got You!


One of the best parts about TeamFund is how we do it all. Once your group is on board, all you need to worry about is the actual selling – we take care of the rest!

Our fundraisers are made in partnership with local food companies. We’ve planned out every detail, from tracking orders via our online platform, to organizing delivery of your food once your fundraiser is over.

And when the fundraiser is over, we cut you a cheque for your profits – easy!

Testimonials From Fundraisers

We are so excited to be able to share kind words from groups that have run successful fundraisers!

Erin. Blackfoot Hockey Administrator Raised over $11,000 in one fundraiser May 2020

“TeamFund was so easy to use. I am beyond happy with the results! It’s been simple and effective for our club! We will be back again in a few months!”

Nicole L. Chevron Ressources Raised over $5K during Covid April 2020

The entire process from start to finish was smooth and easy to understand. We felt like we had adequate support from TeamFund and would highly recommend this process as a fundraising solution for charities.


Erin. Knights Hockey Raised over $8K during off season July 2020

“TeamFund was a great tool for us to use. The variety of the products made it appealing for people to buy. We offered our families an opportunity tohelp reduce their next seasons fees and we got great feedback from our parents!”

Crystal M. Raised over $11,000. 2017.2018.2018

“TeamFund was a perfect fit for our organization. We exceeded our profits from last year with much less work. Eliminating the paper process made it easy to send out to family and friends to purchase. Many of the choir parents mentioned how much they appreciated the on-line ordering as they didn’t have to collect money/cheques and orders manually.

The vendors were well known local vendors that many in the choir have enjoyed before. The delivery and pick up was seamless and accurate.”

Rob A. Cal Ripken Summer Selects. 2017.2018.2019. Raised over $22,000!

“Working with TeamFund has allowed our club to run one fundraiser and earn the most amounts of funds in the least amount of time. It’s effective and won’t bog down our already busy volunteers.

We do this fundraiser twice a year and get great results”

Derrick C. Fundraising Chair Nose Creek Swim Association. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Raised over $20,000!

“The platform is very well organized and fits very well with our organization.

The online system and process makes it very easy to set up, communicate to those involved, monitor and manage. Since the process is online and electronic, we can reach a broader audience and increase the amounts that we are able to raise”!”

Corrine J. Soccer mom and Volunteer. Raised over $5K. 2017. 2018. 2019. Raised over $5,000!

“Amazing group of ladies to work with! I love fundraising with TeamFund, it’s fast and easy!”

Lexie F. Busy mom and volunteer. 2017.2018. Raised over $5,000!

“This is the most effortless, yet rewarding fundraiser you can do!! It sells itself! The products are all delicious and reasonably priced.

It’s especially nice to get something out of the funds you put in (a glorious box of Spolumbos is far nicer than buying raffle tickets you have little chance of winning).”

Melanie P. Gymnastics mom and volunteer. 2017. 2018. 2019. Raised over $4,000!

“The TeamFund process is well thought out, and our campaign really went off without a hitch.

TeamFund was a great group to work with, they are up front and give applicable advice for each group. They are positive and encouraging and encourage feedback. Any questions were answered right away, and their program is perfect for someone who is taking on fundraising without much help. Their process is well thought out, and our campaign really went off without a hitch.”

Erica D. Volunteer OMSA. April 2018. Raised over $1,500!

“No exchange of cash and cheques!…. Really streamlined the process. Also the product is great…the perogies and borscht were delicious and all the Jugo Juice booklets came split up and in envelopes….made the distribution to the team very simple and painless…will definitely fundraise with them again!”

Lara G. Fall and Spring 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019. Raised over $19,000!

“TeamFund continues to be an organized process, the staff is friendly while providing information, followed with excellent coordination and service for the delivery! Thank you! We love stocking up of food items and raising funds. TeamFund makes it easy!”