So you get the email...| “Our team is registered in such and such tournament and it will cost each player $550 for fees and hotel and food.”

First thing you think is great! This will be fun and the second thing you think is yikes!

How are we going to pay for this?

Will we fundraise or just do a cash call?  Let’s be honest here: cash calls are EASY-but they are not fun on the pocket book. Not everyone enjoys a cash call.

Fundraising has its’ benefits and its’ downfalls:  they are a great way to help fund your costs, but if these fundraisers aren’t executed properly, they are more of a hassle than they are worth.

  • Discuss with your team about how you’ll come up with the funds
  • Find out which fundraising opportunity appeals to the masses
  • Check your timing, as certain fundraisers are better at certain times of year (Bottle drives in the winters are a challenge and potentially dangerous)
  • Set a timeline so you know when you’ll get your cash
  • Find someone on your team to implement your strategy to get the process in place

Having a strategy is key, without a comprehensive plan, you’ll be doing cash calls and resulting in some families feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Communication is key when you are part of a team, so get your conversation started!