Team building is essential to fundraising

Team building and fundraising go hand in hand. You can raise more as a member of a team than you can as an individual. What is more, with a team you have backup, support, enhanced connections and a bigger group working toward a common goal. Moreover, an effective team is a group of talented, motivated people who can focus on and promote (with excitement) mutually shared goals. Consequently, the team will then experience shared rewards. Hopefully, some financial, but also interpersonal and intrinsic as well.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ― Phil Jackson

Here are some ideas on how to combine team building and fundraising

The Plan

  • Know why you need to raise funds and be able to justify the fundraiser
  • Set clear and concise goals for the fundraiser
  • Make sure everyone knows what needs to be accomplished
  • Set the expectations and timeline
  • Determine how the goal should be accomplished
  • Brainstorm input from everyone on the team
  • Ensure all contributions and opinions are respected and considered

The Promotion and Excitement

Goal in hand, it’s now time to build traction and spread the word. Begin by crafting a message to your supporters. The letter or “Ask” should include the reason you need the funds, when you need it and how supporters can contribute. It should be personal and persuasive. Next, have the team brainstorm ideas to promote the fundraiser.

  • posters, flyers
  • email
  • social media
  • phone calls

Writing a fundraising request letter: The Ask

Finally, find fun ways to celebrate along the way. Reached 25% of your goal? Team ice cream! Passed the 50% mark? Team building tug-o-war with coaches! Meet and Exceed your Goal? High fives and photo ops!

The Thank-you

Most importantly, team building and fundraising allows team members to work together and to be grateful for their accomplishments. Therefore, take the opportunity to thank your supporters for making your fundraiser a success. Discuss the best ways to show your teams gratitude. Handwrite thank-you cards or craft a email. Make a “Thank-you” video and post it on social media. Ensure that the thank-you is promptly delivered and that it is personal. Also, make sure to explain specifically how their donation will help your team and where the funds will be used.

The Review

Once the dust has settled on your team building fundraiser take time to reflect on the process. What worked? What needs work?  Particularly, allow team members time to talk about how things went and what kind of changes they would make going forward. Because, these steps will help to solidify what changes need to be made to future fundraisers.

The Reward

Now, go spend your hard earned funds. Go and rock that tournament or break in that new equipment.

Intrinsic benefits of team building and fundraising

At the end of the day, giving team members ways to challenge and support each other helps to make them better people. Even though, these lessons might take extra time and effort, they are well worth the investment. Giving them opportunities to work together to achieve a shared goal is a great gift. For example, some of the shared rewards of offering team building experiences include:

  • Develop self esteem and confidence
  • Teach leadership skills
  • Learn to problem solve
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Develop better communicators
  • Learn time management
  • Acquire respect for self and others
  • Understand responsibility

Finally, team building and fundraising efforts can work together to make lasting relationships and rewards for your team members. Get started today.

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