No need to dance around this Fundraising Success Story

Successful Dance Fundraisers are a Snap.

Snap Dance Studios stepped out of it’s comfort zone and rocked out several Successful Dance Fundraisers with TeamFund. In particular, the latest and greatest raised over $6000. So, how did they make that happen?

Well, after chatting with Shawnda, the fundraising organizer, it became clear that they had been looking for a way to streamline their fundraisers for awhile.

We wanted to avoid all the paper work, we wanted something on-line

Before TeamFund, Snap had tried other dance fundraiser options:

  • Chocolates (paper fundraising)
  • meats (paper fundraising)
  • plants (paper fundraising)

Granted, these other fundraisers made them money. However, it was taking up a lot of volunteer time and effort to organize and manage multiple smaller fundraisers.

And though, families with kids in sports or activities have plenty of:

  • passion
  • goals
  • spirit

What they don’t have is time to fuss around with spreadsheets, tracking people down, cheques and inconvenient delivery times.

Ultimately, this is what made them switch and stick with TeamFund for their Successful Dance Fundraisers.

Really, it was just so much easier and convenient. You don’t have to deal with cash or cheques. There’s no paperwork. It takes away the stress on volunteers. Everything is on-line which is perfect.

Learn how to fundraise better. Check it out.

 Furthermore, TeamFund’s unique webpage and sales portal makes using and tracking your fundraiser easy. Planning a fundraiser using a well developed on-line platform can:

  • Reduce the number of volunteers and planning time: Above all, the automated platform streamlines your campaign. Therefore, your team spends less time managing the fundraiser
  •  Increase profits: Because, fundraising with food is one of the fastest growing and most profitable markets for team and school fundraising
  • Reduce stress: First off, sign-up and data entry are easy. With secured delivery dates, locations and times there is no need to worry about negotiating with vendors directly. Also, you will never have to distribute order forms or collect cash or cheques
  • Reduce paper work: Considering, an automated process means no spreadsheets and bookkeeping to track data, there is less paper and fewer paper trail errors

On the whole, TeamFund knows that food is the future of good fundraising. More importantly, they have worked hard to find:

Great vendors with quality products and reliable track records

Finally, Shawnda and her team loved how easy the set up was, how quickly they could get the fundraiser details out to all their members and the transparency of the on-line platform. Given their success, Snap didn’t skip a beat offering an endorsement of TeamFund’s fundraising platform to others wanting Successful Dance Fundraisers.

Now, there’s a dance partner success story we can celebrate!

Snap Dance Studios resides in Cochrane, just west of Calgary, in the Bow River Valley.

For more information on TeamFund and how we can make your next fundraiser awesome: Check us out.

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