Don’t scramble around looking for a Sport Team Fundraiser success story: We’ve got one right here.

First of all, the Foothills Lions Rugby Club proved that TeamFund can give them an amazing field advantage

In fact, over the past 3 years, the Lions have held 4 fundraisers with the help of TeamFund. Amazingly, their small club has raised close to $10 000.00. Furthermore, they admit that they would not have been able to do this without the support and guidance of the experts at TeamFund.

Initially, the Lions turned to TeamFund because:

  • They had low volunteer participation from members
  • Of their need for a low time commitment fundraiser
  • The on-line, paperless platform was easy to implement

To emphasis this, Foothills fundraising coordinator, Nikki, shared her thoughts about their fundraiser success.

They set up a website for the club with all the information sellers needed as well as pre made emails and information posters/flyers that could be sent to members with just a little work.

In her testimonial letter, Nikki wrote:

TeamFund does all the hard work. The online paperless ordering is amazing and you do not have to run around collecting paper orders and submitting them. I would not have stepped up to volunteer had I not had the guidance and direction from TeamFund. All of our deliveries have been perfect which translated to happy members and a quick close to the fundraising campaigns.

In particular, what they appreciated most was:

  • TeamFund does all the hard work
  • The on-line paperless ordering for their Team Fundraiser
  • Seamless delivery
  • Happy supporters!

Nikki believes that, without the direction of TeamFund:

I would not have continued on to do 3 more fundraisers…I cannot stress what a benefit the company is to helping clubs raise money without a huge time commitment.

Consequently, the Lions have no reservations recommending TeamFund to any team considering a Sport Team Fundraiser.

Looking for new ways to fundraise?

Your teams don’t need to be blindsided by poor fundraising results.

  • First off, TeamFund has known and trusted food fundraising options in your area
  • You receive a webpage and store to support your campaign
  • It’s easy to invite families or participants from your school, team or club to buy and promote the fundraiser
  • Orders are made during the 3 week selling period and products are delivered about 10 days later
  • Supporters get prime delivery times and dates
  • Finally, profits are mailed directly to teams, so, there is no cash to handle directly

In the end, just like the Foothills Lions, you too can avoid the fundraiser scramble and find a better way to hold a Sport Team Fundraiser.

Foothills Lions Rugby Club operates out of Okotoks. For more information on TeamFund and how we can make your next fundraiser awesome: Check us out.

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