Over 1 Million raised to date!

A Simple Fundraiser That Earns More in Less Time

Raise thousands for your school in less than 4 weeks.

Raise more funds in less than 4 weeks!  Your school can raise thousands with a profitable food fundraiser! 

5 Reasons why Schools Love their TeamFund food Fundraiser

  1. Parents buy stuff they actually need and use! Beef, chicken, bacon, cheese and more!
  2. The products are competitively priced, but instead of paying for the overhead of the the grocery store: your school gets those profits!
  3. We make it easy! Parents can shop online and invite others to shop for the cause too!
  4. There is no messy paper trail! We handle the sales online and offer reports!
  5. It’s lucrative: 60% of our schools have a food fundraiser twice a year! Fall and Spring!