Easy, Fun, & Profitable
Fundraisers for Schools

From preschools, K-12 to University level! 

TeamFund was made for schools, band and music programs, teams, trips, and school clubs. 

We solved the problems that school fundraisers face, instead offering food fundraisers people love with online tools that make fundraising easy.

With TeamFund, you’re just 3 weeks away from your most profitable fundraiser ever! Fill your freezer and bank account!

We know how your committee is always looking for the bext best fundraiser.

TeamFund has nailed down the formula for food fundraising. We got this, because we are a collective of parents volunteers who have been you before.

Follow the success template that most of schools follow:

  • Fundraise twice a year with a TeamFund food fundraiser
  • First fundraiser in the fall and one in the spring
  • Choose the same vendors or switch it up for more variety


Why TeamFund?

Everyone needs to eat. Buy your groceries online, support local and earn profits. It’s the formula that works!

Parents commitees, teachers and students all around have found huge success with TeamFund!

Order Online

We’re bringing fundraising to the 21st century with online ordering.

Local Food Favourites

We focus on bringing delicious food to entice your customers. They’ll love it.

Online Credit & Debit Payments

We make it easy for customers to pay with convenient online payment processing.


Fast & Efficient

A typical TeamFund fundraiser is just 3-weeks long.

Leverage Social Media

Use Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to share & promote your fundraiser.

It Works Really, Really Well!

Our fundraisers are faster, easier, & more profitable – you can count on it!

Six Ways TeamFund Keeps it Easy & Fun

TeamFund was made for teams like yours to make your fundraising as successful and profitable as possible.

Earn More Money

1) High-Profit Local Food Favorites

We find the right local products that are in-demand and highly profitable.

2) Food Fundraisers Work!

It’s proven that you will earn more profits from each sale with a food fundraiser than you will from any other type.

3) Local Vendors

Work with local vendors in Calgary, Edmonton, & Toronto so you can sell amazing products that people are always looking to buy!

4) In-Demand Items

No guilt trips, no gimmicks, and no selling items people don’t want. Only delicious foods.

5) No Storage Needed!

TeamFund delivers the order to a your prefered location where sellers can come pick up!

6) Do it Digitally!

TeamFund makes it super easy to sell and earn funds: sell to supporters with your phone, via email or social media. Never handle money.

We Make it Easy

1) Ditch Spreadsheets

Ditch creating spreadsheets. Get all the information you need 24/7.

2) Easy Organizational Tools

Keep track of sales and profits per student/player and grade or team online.

3) We Handle Delivery & Logistics

Stop coordinating drivers, parents and anyone else in a vehicle! We handle logistics, so you can set the dates and timeline you want.

5) No Up-Front Costs or Fees

No upfront costs or campaign set up fees, no need to hold inventory. Just pure profits.

5) Built-In Promotional Tools

Get the word out to your group via email, social media or paper format.

6) Fundraise... Fast!

aise all the money you need in 3 weeks with our system.

Your committee will love how easy it is!


One of the best parts about TeamFund is how we do it all. Once your group is on board, all you need to worry about is the actual selling – we take care of the rest!

Our fundraisers are made in partnership with local food companies. We’ve planned out every detail, from tracking orders via our online platform, to organizing delivery of your food once your fundraiser is over.

And when the fundraiser is over, we cut you a cheque for your profits – easy!

With over 700 schools in our system! we know what we’re doing.

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