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 School Fundraising Basics are

Easy as 1 2 3 and A B C

First of all, you will need some quick school fundraising basics to get your school team on track. Because, knowing where to start when considering a school fundraiser can seem overwhelming.

Timing is everything⏰

3 2 1 Go! Know when you need your funds raised by and start planning early. Make rough notes outlining your fundraising timeline as soon as possible.

Check out the TeamFund dynamic goal calculator and calendar

Know your purpose and share it💡

AArticulate the reason for, and benefits of, the fundraiser: Ensure your fundraiser has a defined goal and objective. With this in mind, be specific and tell supporters where their donation will be going and how it will help.

BBuild a message: Initially, supporters will need to buy into your fundraising plan. Consequently, you need to make it personal and emphasize the connections this fundraiser will have to your potential supporters.

CCommunicate clearly and concisely: Of course, you will need to let supporters know how much you need and in what time frame. However, you must be persistent without pressure. Additionally, make sure the message is clear and detailed, but not lengthy.

Make a team👥

  1. To start with, put the call out for volunteers
  2. Next, determine who has previous experience and can share stories and give advice
  3. Recognize that new volunteers could be nervous about what is involved
  4. Either way, find out everyone’s strengths and interests and then start assigning roles

Determine how to raise the funds📝

Research what products/activities have the best returns. Make sure products are useful and high quality. Seriously, no one wants gimmicks, gadgets or boxes of waxy chocolate.

Find a great fundraising platform that will make your fundraiser stress free.

Know where you stand📊

 School fundraising basics 101: Note that, all campaign information collected is extremely useful. Your team or school can determine what worked and what didn’t by tracking:

  • who made donations
  • what they gave or spent
  • what they ordered

Consequently, that data can help clarify and simplify next years plan.

Measuring Fundraising Success: Here

Say Thank you 💕

Finally, once you have reached your goal make sure that you follow up with your supporters. In particular, ensure that they know where their donation went and how the funds were used.

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In the end, don’t let the idea of fundraising become overwhelming. Remember, if the purpose and message of the fundraiser is clear; your supporters will be glad to help. After all,  learning school fundraising basics and having a successful fundraiser and can be as easy as 1 2 3 and A B C.

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