🖐🏽  It’s 2020 and times have changed.  Covid-19 has added a layer of complication for schools and larger groups to raise funds.  We get that and we can help.

TeamFund  allows you to run an effective fundraiser that is safe for everyone can enjoy from start to finish. Please read.

 Published April 30th, 2020 and updated  October 20, 2020

Please review our updates and safety recommendation so you can still raise lots of money and have a safe seller pick up.


Our fundraisers run all online for 3 weeks, which makes it easy to raise funds as you do not have to distribute order forms, collect money or  submit any paperwork to your school or organizer. 

The TeamFund online sales platform allows for anyone to place an order safely online. 

But what happens when your members/parents and sellers come to pick up their orders? What happens to your volunteers and how do sellers can their orders?

Our contactless delivery and drive by (curb side) seller pick up process works to ensure everyone stays safe and best of all: it’s even more efficient saving you more time!

Very similar to when you place an order online and do a curb-side pick up at Loblaws, Superstore or anywhere you’d pick up an order, instead of calling when you arrive, you just show your designated PICK UP number and place it on your dashboard.




3  upgrades to stay safe

1: Day of seller pick up:🖐🏽 Have your volunteers to wear approved masks at all times and to do their best to social distance. Volunteers should try and to pair themselves with others in their “bubble”.

2: Seller Reports: Each seller will receive an new updated seller report

When each seller prints their seller report, it now includes a large PICK UP CODE LABEL number that is to be placed on the dash of their vehicule.


Now your sellers can be told to stay in their cars and not have to physically get out. 

Volunteers can see their number to pull the report. Quickly assemble boxes to give the seller their order after they pop their trunk. 100% contactless.

 3. Seller pick up process

-Have yourself and volunteers wear masks for the duration of the pick up

-Your seller pick up should be outside, ideally by a sidewalk or parking lot where sellers can drive up to

-Meet the delivery driver who will arrive about 45-60 minutes prior to sellers showing up

-The driver will unload boxes as per your vendor packing slip included in your final report. It’s very organized

-Volunteers can organize the boxes as per the packing slip. We use an easy Alpha numeric system which makes it easy to organize.

-When the driver is done unloading and you’ve counted the products, the driver can leave

-From here there are 2 main methods:

1)Volunteers can start to assemble orders immediately with individual seller reports that the organizer has on file and keep the summary with the boxes.

2) Wait until cars show up and start to line up. The driver can display their pick up code and 2 volunteers can start the assemble the seller order by placing the boxes in the back the vehicle trunk-so the driver does not have to exit the vehicle.

Regardless which you choose, there is no need to have physical contact with the seller. Once the seller has their order and you have reviewed with them what they have they can leave.


If you want to discuss with us your fundraiser to see how we can help you raise funds. Contact us or call Dominique 403.463.9898 or download our Fundraising Package here.





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