The Calgary Wildcats Football Club Story is a common one.
A not for profit football club that really cares about the community, the players and families.
With over 100 kids registering every year, 4 levels and teams to manage, this Calgary football club knows a thing or two about logistics and staying organized.

They’ve never known anything else besides paper fundraising.  The time and energy it took out of them twice a year was draining their volunteers.

They were searching for a better way to bring in cash without adding more work to their already very full plate. This is when they found TeamFund online. The Wildcats have two seasons and four levels: Atom, Pewee, Bantam and Midget. They like to run two campaigns per year and to bring in over 15K a year with TeamFund.

When they are ready and signed up for another campaign, Shana, the fundraising organizer uses TeamFunds pre-written emails  and sends it to ALL the families at once. No need to print paper and meet with coaches and managers, no need to collect forms and cash.Shana and the rest of the committee make sure the coaches and managers to keep promoting the fundraiser and watch sales come in on their webpage.

When the fundraiser ends, Shana receives detailed sales summaries, so she knows who’s participated and better yet, who hasn’t.

The Wildcats need to bring in a certain amount every year to keep fees from rising.

|Equipment, field rentals, and operating expenses are always going up. By fundraising we keep our members fees from rising and keep player participation growing. We don’t want to turn anyone away.  We ask for all our families to get involved in the fundraising at some level, if not we require an “opt out” cheque. “

With TeamFund, we can keep track without adding more work onto our plate.  Plus, it’s easy and families can stock up on consumable goods-Working with TeamFund has stream lined the process from start to finish. Creating emails, sending out reminders and engaging the team on their goals.

“The delivery process is no longer a nightmare with TeamFunds reports and organization I don’t know why anyone would not utilize them. “