Our Story

We’re a Company Born From
Classic Canadian Entrepreneurship

TeamFund was founded in Calgary, Alberta back in 2013 by Dominique Fraser.

As a busy mom of two working full time, she wanted to make fundraising easier, more profitable and have the ability to support local vendors all at the same time.

At the time, the norm was to sell stuff like chocolates, sausages and coupons books to family, friends and co-workers with an order form in hand while trying to collect money upfront.

“Trying to sell something to someone without knowing when it will arrive or without having in depth product knowledge is a hurdle!

My supporters would like to know when their orders will arrive and would like to access more product information”

TeamFund was born to help bridge that gap. To make fundraising easier for busy volunteers, to make it more profitable and to reduce the time it took to run a fundraiser.

Since then, we have made significant technology improvements that have shown to be effective and most of all: efficient! Our groups raise more now than ever before!

The one person team grew to a 6 person team in 5 years and we have grown from operating solely in Calgary to entering the Ontario market in 2019.

TeamFund is the leading technology driven food fundraising platform and will continue to work alongside volunteers for the next years to come.

What We Love to Do

We are so forunate to be able to help kids, parents, and groups of all types reach and exceed their fundraising gaols!

Find Fabulous Food

One of the best parts of facilitating food fundraisers is finding the product to offer – yum!

Help Kids Achieve Their Goals

Whether its send a girls choir to camp, or help a boy’s little league team get new uniforms, we’ve been part of many successful journies… and we love it!

Make Life Easier for Parents, Teachers, & Organizers

Life is already busy. Managing a fundraiser should be fun, not frustrating. We’re so glad we put the fun back where it belongs!