Measuring Fundraising Success with TeamFund

Keeping track of all the data for a fundraiser can be daunting and stressful. It can take literally hours and hours of data entry and spreadsheet maintenance. Nevertheless, your fundraising team, supporters and volunteers will expect a comprehensive summary of the campaign.

Let me tell you, there is an easier way to track all that data.

Say your school or team did all their research and decided to use TeamFund for their fundraiser. Here’s a pat on the back for making your fundraising coordinators life easier👏. Because, you can’t beat an on-line system that has all these benefits:

  • Keeps track of sales and profits per participant in real time
  • Uses an on-line system that saves 85% of volunteer administrative duties
  • Eliminates errors. Data entry problems become a non-issue
  • You will never need to chase 💲💲💲, distribute or collect order forms and deal with cheques
  • ⚙️Logistics are handled for you, online payments streamline the entire fundraising process
  • Offers transparency to your team and supporter
  • No upfront costs or campaign set up fees, no need to hold inventory. Just pure profits.

With a more traditional fundraiser your volunteer team might have to do all this work on spreadsheets and paper. However, with TeamFund you can sit back and watch your progress unfold before your eyes.

Stats are helpful

goal net

Once your orders are in, and your supporters have been thanked, you will need to look at your stats. Your volunteer team will want to know the breakdown of the campaign. Consequently, the administrator will need to figure out and report on the data collected from the campaign. Without an on-line tracking system measuring fundraising success become tedious and time consuming. With TeamFund it’s simple. At the end of a campaign you will get a comprehensive summary. TeamFund lets you see:

  1. Number of sales
  2. Real time sales
  3. Average sale per order
  4. Most Popular products ordered
  5. How much each team member/participant raised
  6. % of sellers that participated
  7. Payment status
  8. Payment totals

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Looking ahead to the next campaign

All campaign information that is collected can be extremely useful.

For the simple reason that your team or school can use that data to determine what worked well and what still needs work. The benefit to having all this information is that it can help clarify and simplify next years plan. Reviewing the campaign as a whole sets your team up for more success next time around.

Therefore, your report to your supporters and team should be easy, straightforward and transparent. Finally, the value of measuring fundraising success shouldn’t be overlooked, but it also shouldn’t cause stress.

“You can’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been”

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