Making the MOST of your fundraiser. Tips for ultimate success.

1. Email is still your best friend! Sending your compelling email to your entire email/distribution list to members, parents and participants is the single best way to connect. For ultimate success DO NOT send this info with your newsletter: the information will be buried. 

2. Social Media: Do you have a group Instagram or Facebook page? Share your Fundraising group link and POST it on your IG BIO for the duration. This works like a charm!

3. Facebook Groups:  Share your group fundraising link (find it under PROMOTE YOUR FUNDRAISER TAB)in your local community Facebook groups. Since 2020, this has been the faster way to capture new sales in a new audience. The people part of these groups are often future or past members, care about their community and likely to be connected-so don’t be shy! Share the group link and get to know people in your community.  More people, means more profits.

4. Share and Post often: Our most successful groups send 3 emails during the duration of the fundraiser AND they use social media 3-5 times. Change up the messaging see if that helps get more people on board.

5. Timing: Not everyone will read your email right away, most people scroll social media in the evening. So switch it up! Send emails during the week and social media at various times. 

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