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How to plan a fundraiser

Ever wondered how to plan a fundraiser? It doesn’t need to be a long tedious process. Use these quick tried and true methods that help you focus your fundraising plan and maximize your results: Why&What, Who&How, Sell-it, Wrap-it and Track-it.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else”  -Yogi Berra, New York Yankees 

Why and What

You know the organization or team you are fundraising for and why you need to fundraise. Now it’s time to craft your message so that your potential supporters understand what you are doing and that you want help. To do this you need to tell your potential donors why they need to help you.

how to plan a fundraiserGuidelines to craft the perfect message:

  • Make it personal
  • Tell your story
  • Pull those heart strings and loosen those purse strings
  • Be clear and detailed but not lengthy
  • Be specific
  • Tell them where their donation will be going
  • Let them how much you need to raise
  • Make it urgent

In fact tell them you need them to do this right now, today.  Tomorrow someone else will be asking them for something else so you need to grab their attention and hang on.

Who and How

The next step in planning a fundraiser is assembling your team.  (Pom-poms and cheer pyramids are optional!)  Assign roles and responsibilities.

What to consider when you are assigning roles and tasks:

  • Decide who is going to be researching potential fundraising products and returns.
  • Put someone in charge of collecting funds, lining up vendors, dropping off product, marketing and analyzing data.
  • Make deadlines for all these things.
  • Decide who will make the spreadsheets to track all of that information.

how to plan a fundraiserAbove all, it is vitally important that you keep the lines of communication open. In contrast, nothing sinks a team like someone being left out of the loop. Discuss how all of this is going to happen. (Take a deep breath.) Has anyone looked into an easier way to do all this?  TeamFund has.

TeamFund can do so much of this electronically for you, which makes the whole process much easier and faster. We already have quality vendors, a custom web page including real time reports and comprehensive sales and profit summaries so your group can confidently raise funds without having to handle the donations directly. Phew.


Craft and organize your communication and marketing strategy. Let your sellers know all of the ways that your fundraising campaign can be sent out to your potential supporters. Likewise, you want to send the information out more than once on several different platforms and link them if you can. Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe even use your phone as an actual phone, because you know Auntie Elaine will send cash if you call. (Make sure to always say please! ;))

Wrap-it (up)

You did it!  You planned your fundraiser and saw it all the way through. Say thank-you. You reached your goal and now you need to let all those amazing supporters know what you have done with those funds and how much you appreciate their contribution to your cause. You want to express your gratitude personally — chances are you will be doing this again next year and you want them to stay invested.

Track-it 📈

Lastly, you definitely don’t want to start each fundraiser from scratch. Take stock and determine what made this campaign successful and what aspects you’d like to improve on next time around. Make sure to write it all down. As a result the next person taking over the organizer role can look back know where to start!

Remember, when you’re planning a fundraiser here’s how you do it:

  • Get the word out about why you are fundraising, how much you need and where the funds raised will be going
  • Bring your team together and plan your approach
  • Get the word out on the street and across the internet highway so you maximize exposure for your cause
  • Remember to show appreciation for all donations
  • Finally, use that data!  You will have a much better idea of how to proceed in the future if you know how things worked out this time round.

Above all, you want to simplify your fundraising planning process. Contact TeamFund today.

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