…and it doesn’t mean selling cookie dough, coupon books, magazines or chocolate covered almonds!

Pride, Courage, Intensity:  This is the motto for the Calgary Wildcats Football Club.

Made up of players from the western edge of Calgary, this group embodies hard work and perseverance. However, times are tough for a lot of people in the city. With a depressed economy, it’s harder than ever for families to pay for youth sports. About 1 out of every 10 Wildcats players required some kind of fee assistance each season. Yet they have never had to turn a player away due to financial hardship.

Like most youth sports programs, the Wildcats are a non profit organization.  In order to keep fees reasonable and help out families in need, they do a variety of different kinds of fundraising. We met them several years ago when they were looking for something easier.

This is why TeamFund even exists. For years, Dominique, founder of the company struggled with fundraising for her kid’s sports teams and schools. It was frustrating and time consuming. She understands exactly what groups have to go through. So in 2013, TeamFund was born and we’ve worked with so many amazing organizers since then.

Here is what Shana Pelzel, Director of Fundraising & Corporate Sponsors for the Wildcats has to say:

“I sought out TeamFund over 3 years ago looking for an easier way to streamline our fundraising process. In the past we had worked with paper orders, taking cash and cheques from customers always coming up short, making mistakes and lots of times paying more in the end for payments not received.”

We hear this an awful lot and we have been there as well. Chasing people for weeks or months after a campaign has ended to get money and orders handed in. That’s precisely why we do everything online. No more chasing after people or trying to balance the books.

Like our other groups, Shana says the Wildcats appreciate how easy it is to share a link online. Whether it’s posted on Facebook or sent in an email, it takes the work out of it. Parents are so busy these days.  Make fundraising as easy as sharing a link and you’ll have more people participate in the campaigns. This of course means better profits.

Football Wildcats

By having most of the process done online, costs stay low and make life easier for both organizers and for supporters. Organizers register with us online and we do the rest. Supporters click on the link you send them and they come right to your team’s store. From there they can get product information and make their purchases. The best part is that we take payments online and keep track of sales for you. Shana adds that the ability to pull sales information about what products are selling best is a win-win for them. All of TeamFund products are from beloved companies and proven sellers. However, it’s important for each group to consider what will sell best to their supporters. With detailed sales reports and a team of people available to help you, it’s so much easier for organizers.

To date we’ve helped the Calgary Wildcats raise an astonishing $35,000 and counting.

Not only is this a huge amount of money, but TeamFund made fundraising easier for this club. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with the Wildcats and help them reach their goals. We set out to help other groups out of the nightmare of paper fundraising.  With each new organizer we meet, we’ve done just that.

Some tips for anyone new to fundraising:

  • Set out a plan on paper. What are you fundraising for and what will you sell?
  • Assign tasks to group members and set deadlines for tasks to be completed.
  • Get the word out. Use social media and email to tell your supporters about your campaign. Be shameless when promoting your fundraiser.
  • Just before the end of your campaign, be sure to send out a reminder. You can often get up to 20% of your sales in the final day. People are busy, so make sure they don’t forget.
  • After the campaign, meet to discuss how it went. Is there anything you should change for next time?

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