Our Online Platform Simplifies Running & Managing Food Fundraisers

Eliminate paper, accept online debit/credit payments, & track your group’s fundraising success. TeamFund powers it all… online!

TeamFund Empowers Groups, Schools, & Teams to Level-Up Their Fundraising

Getting started with TeamFund is as easy as 1-2-3! 


Download a Fundraising Package

Our free fundraising package is meant to be shared with your committee

It includes important information, goal calculators, and more.


Find Fundraisers in Your Area

Find the perfect fundraiser for your group.

We have fundraisers featuring local food favourites in Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, & Toronto (GTA).


Sign Up Your Fundraising Group

Once you’re ready to get going, all you need to do is sign up for a fundraiser and start planning!

Our online fundraising platform takes care of everything except the selling!

From the First Payment to Delivery, We’ve Got You!


One of the best parts about TeamFund is how we do it all. Once your group is on board, all you need to worry about is the actual selling – we take care of the rest!

Our fundraisers are made in partnership with local food companies. We’ve planned out every detail, from tracking orders via our online platform, to organizing delivery of your food once your fundraiser is over.

And when the fundraiser is over, we cut you a cheque for your profits – easy!

How TeamFund Works

By keeping things simple and easy, we save your group a ton of time when it comes to planning and running a successful fundraiser.

Find Your Perfect Fundraiser

We offer some amazing food fundraisers that really sell, sell, sell!

Sign Your Group Up

In about 10-minutes, your group will have a customized online store & all your promotional materials.

Promote Your Fundraiser & Start Selling Online

Invite sellers to join and promote. Leverage the tools provided: email, text, and social media!

Fundraiser Ends & Vendors Prepare Orders

Once your fundraiser has ended, vendors are notified and begin preparing orders. Your orders are ready for distribution about 10 days later.

Orders Are Delivered & Distributed

Vendors will deliver your orders to an agreed date/time/location, where your team of volunteers will distribute orders to sellers.

Fundraising Profits Are Paid via Cheque

Your profits are sent to you via cheque. Note that you can track your profits during the fundraiser via our in-depth reporting tools.

Come back in 6-months and fundraise again!

Goal Calculator: See how much you can raise!

See your group sales target to meet your fundraising goal with TeamFund

Find Your Perfect Fundraiser

TeamFund Handles Everything. You bring the people!

Your fundraiser is managed online and is always accessible. Let TeamFund focus on collecting payments and managing orders – you focus on promoting it to your people! 

The Perfect Fundraiser

TeamFund has fundraisers with local food favourites – find yours!

Online Ordering & Money Management

TeamFund handles online payments via credit & debit.

Easy Online Promotion

Use social media, blog posts, and newsletters to promote your fundraiser!

Back-End Logistics

Vendors are automagically notified once your fundraiser ends – you just need to pick up your food!

Easy Group Sign-Up

Get your group started in 10-minutes, & add new members along the way!

Automated Sale Tracking, by Group & Person

Our in-depth reporting allows you to easily track fundraising success.

Fundraisers Made to Sell

We work with local foodie favourites to create fundraisers that sell.

In-Depth Reporting Makes Trackin Profits Simple

TeamFund’s reports ensure that you are always in the know about how your fundraiser is doing.

Find your perfect Fundraiser: View your location

Sign Up Your Group

In about 10-minutes you’ll have your customized online store & promotional materials.