If you’ve recently registered your kids for hockey, you might be asking the same question that a lot of parents are asking right now ‘how are we going to cover the team’s costs this year?’ Running sports teams isn’t easy, and definitely isn’t free. Whether you’re a volunteer, parent, or student, the subject of fundraising will probably come up very soon, if it hasn’t already. 

…But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!Let’s start this off by giving a shout out to all the parents and volunteers who have ever gone crazy trying to sell hundreds of coupon books only to come up short of your fundraising goals. We see you, we feel your struggle. While traditional fundraising items can certainly get the job done, history has proven them to be less than effective. Why? Because people who purchase these items are doing so for one reason only – to support your cause; and while that’s an excellent reason, what if you were to sell something that people actually wanted? Well, we can tell you what would happen, people would start purchasing quicker, and in larger quantities – meaning you raise more, faster!

One of our most popular fundraisers that has helped countless teams reach their goals is our Bacon Fundraiser.[Click here]

That’s right, once again, bacon is here to solve all our problems, and not in the ‘I need a pick-me-up’ kind of way, but in the ‘I can actually raise money for my kid’s hockey team’ kind of way. Selling bacon and other types of meat with TeamFund has proven to be an incredibly effective way to raise money. Here are 3 reasons why you can expect to blow your fundraising goal out of the water this year by selling bacon.

1) It’s unique

Most people cringe when they hear the word ‘fundraising’ because it’s often a tedious process. People supporting your cause are used to being sold coupon books or cookies, and while these are useful items, they’re overdone, unengaging, and not always effective. When you walk up to someone and tell them you’re selling bacon, trust us, you’ll get their attention. 

2) It’s practical 

With the exception of non-meat-eaters, everyone loves bacon! It’s a food item that many people like to keep stocked in their freezer for weekend breakfasts. And it’s not just bacon, we’ve found that all of our meat items do incredibly well for fundraisers, why? Because while nobody really needs to stock up on cookies and coupon books, for most people, it makes sense to stock up on meat. Buying bacon or any kind of meat through a fundraiser saves people a trip to the store, and who wouldn’t love a break from grocery shopping!

3) People purchase more, meaning you earn faster

People will always be hesitant to spend large amounts of money on items they may or may not use. But when you’re selling meat, something most people use every single day, it’s a no-brainer for them to purchase larger quantities. And not only are people happy to buy large quantities of bacon knowing they will use it but for every box of bacon you sell, $15 goes directly towards your cause!

TeamFund was started by Dominique Fraser who was a mom that was fed up with the conventional fundraising methods, finding them incredibly time consuming and ineffective. [Check out her story here.]

Dominique set out to make fundraising easier and more fruitful. This meant not only making the administrative process of fundraising much easier, but also exploring products and methods that would be mutually beneficial for the person raising funds and the person contributing to the cause. Our Bacon Fundraiser is just one example of many that provide teams with practical items to raise money for the upcoming sports season.

We are so proud of all the teams that crushed their fundraising goals last season, and we’re so excited to see what everyone will accomplish this season! Go get ‘em…. TeamFund.

View more about the bacon fundraiser here.

You can raise funds with Bacon!

It’s a fun way to raise funds.

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