Five easy tips for getting your team on board

Let’s just get one thing out of the way: Funds are needed to attend tournaments or competitions, travel costs and to purchase new equipment.

Fundraising is the mechanism behind making this happen for most teams out there. Cash calls are easy, but not always available for many families.

When you’ve identified that your team is keen to do a fundraiser, you’ll have to engage them to “buy” in.

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We work with hundreds of groups-there are certain traits and methods that will yield you more success, profits, and fewer headaches.

Treat it like a business-do your homework prior

Do some research on specific fundraising opportunities and do some analysis

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Look at the risk  (time & effort) VS the reward (potential funds raised)-don’t forget to include the number of people you’ve got.

Is the reward big enough and how much help do you require?

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Narrow down your choices

Once you’ve done your homework, narrow the opportunities down to 2-3 choices. Having too many options to present to your team, will only result in non-decision making and get your nowhere and flustered.

*Tip: We encourage groups to present an “obvious” option that will not fly, this will help your group eliminate an option right away.

Get your information ready to share

During a team meeting, present fundraising options in a 2-3 minute presentation. Parents just want a synopsis and trust that you have done your homework

You’ll be able to get direct feedback and read the crowd. If you’ve got one option that you’re trying to push: talk about the great benefits and why.

Deliver a clear message

Discuss the fundraising goal and state the obvious: you’ll need the entire team to participate to help make it a success.

Add a sense of urgency and your next step: “We need to get startedbyy this date so we can have the funds into our account by this date!”

Share the success roadmap

Tell everyone how their part will make it a success! You can even break down the goal and make it per family, this will they will know what’s expected and how they can contribute.

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