Nose Creek Swim Association has a fundraising success story that swims laps around the competition

In fact, over the past couple of years NCSA has been able to raise over  $17, 000  (Updated in 2019 to $21 000) with TeamFund. Given those results, it’s important to celebrate this kind of fundraising success.

“Our organization relies on various fundraising initiatives to keep the costs of our program at a reasonable level”

Consequently, their Director of fundraising, Derrick C. , says that TeamFund is now a “key part” of their fundraising program. In addition, they also hold bottle drives, raffles and their “Laps for Loonies” campaigns. However, they realized they needed something that would make a splash without requiring as much volunteer time and organization.

The Lengths They Will Go To

Honestly, nothing wears down a volunteer as quickly as a disorganized, time-consuming and lacklustre fundraiser. So, teams need to focus on successful fundraising initiatives that make it easy on they people that are promoting and supporting their goals.

“Our parent volunteers do not have to spend additional hours shuffling multiple order forms and combining entries”

TeamFund, has a sustainable and successful fundraising strategy which:

  • First, uses known and trusted food fundraising options in your area
  • Offers a webpage and store to support your campaign
  • Lets you invite participants from your school, team or club to buy and promote the fundraiser
  • Has quick order-to-delivery times
  • Mails profits directly to your team coordinator/organization

Specifically, NCSA loves the Fill your Freezer event which offers the best selling products. Therefore, supporters can stock up on delicious products to get them through the season. They choose products like Spolumbos, Bow River Foods, Jugo Juice vouchers are popular too as they train at Repsol Center in Calgary.

 Stay in your Lane

By the way, NCSA has been in providing a competitive swim program to North Calgary and Airdrie since 1994.  Their aim is to:

“promote and support a highly competitive swim program, along with offering a pre-competitive development program. NCSA is committed to providing a superior coaching staff accessible to all levels of swimming ability”

Therefore, in order to keep providing this program NCSA needs to have fundraising options that are easy and streamlined.

Some amazing features and benefits of TeamFund

  • Sales and profits are tracked per participant in real time on-line
  • No order forms, cash or cheques to distribute or collect
  • Logistics and payments are online and streamlined
  • No upfront costs or campaign set up fees
  • No need to hold or juggle inventory
  • Products are proven and sell

In the end, with so much taken care of all your team or organization needs to decide is how to get the word out.

“The platform is very well organized and fits very well with our organization. The online system and process makes it very easy to set up, communicate to those involved, monitor and manage. Since the process is online and electronic, we can reach a broader audience and increase the amounts that we are able to raise”

NCSA also believes strongly that travel is an integral aspect of their program. As a result, they believe that providing swimmers with opportunities to experience different locations in Alberta and Canada is important. Additionally, by staying with host families at these locations the swimmers learn to be excellent representatives of their family, club and community. However, they recognize that rewarding experiences like this require funds. Luckily they have a fundraising success plan in place.

On Deck

In conclusion, teams find that working with team fund is profitable and easy. NCSA’s fundraising success has helped their members reach their personal goals.

“We are happy to have TeamFund as part of our fundraising program and look forward to working with them again in the near future”

Looking for ways to meet and exceed your goals?

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