Have you ever spent countless hours on a single fundraising project, exhausting every contact you have, and even digging into your own pocket for donations, only to come up short of your fundraising goal? Let’s face it, fundraising can be a total pain, and it’s never for lack of trying. Traditional fundraising tactics are often time consuming and ineffectual, which is why we’re all about making fundraising simple and ridiculously effective. Here are 8 fundraising ideas you’ll want to consider for the 2019/2020 season.

Our Favourite:  Fill Your Freezer Fundraiser

We love the Fill Your Freezer Fundraiser, as it offers people a little bit of everything they need for a great meal. This fundraiser makes it incredibly easy for people to support your cause, how? By helping them fill their freezer with everyday items that they going to buy anyway. Meats, cheese, full meals, desserts, the Fill Your Freezer Fundraiser has it all! And 20-25% of all sales will go towards your cause.

Best of the Best Meat Fundraiser

Everyone needs their protein, which is why selling meat has proven to bring in profits for our groups. We’ve partnered with local businesses and suppliers like Bow River Foods, Rocky’s Sausage Haus, Longview Jerky and more, to provide an incredibly wide variety of meats to satisfy the needs of anyone looking to donate to your cause. Whether they’re looking for something simple like chicken breast or ground beef, or they’re in the mood for something a little more gourmet like bacon wrapped tenderloin, we’ve got it all. We even offer Beyond Meat, a 100% plant-based meat for all your vegetarian and vegan friends! When you sell meat for your fundraiser, an average of 22% of all sales will go towards your cause. 

Heat and Eat Meal Fundraiser

How many times have you rushed home at the end of a long day, opened your fridge and realize you have nothing to serve your family for dinner? We’ve all been there, and we haven’t met a single parent who doesn’t love having one or two frozen meals ready to go in case of emergencies (and yes, pure exhaustion does qualify as an emergency). For our meal fundraisers, we’ve teamed up with companies like Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Coco Brooks, Rocky’s Sausage and Pierogies, and Simple Simons Pies to offer pizzas, perogies, soups, meat pies, and more. Not only will these frozen meals sell fast, but 25% of all sales will go right to your cause!

Jugo Juice Voucher Package

We all remember those giant coupon books we used to either buy or sell in the name of fundraising. While everyone loves the idea of getting a good deal from multiple different locations, most people will flip through their coupon books, find one or two stores that they like, and then never touch the book again.

It’s for this very reason that many people have stopped purchasing those coupon books. We find it’s far more effective to keep things simple, so we are partnering with specific vendors, like Jugo Juice, to offer unique voucher booklets that people will actually use. If someone buys a booklet of 10 smoothie vouchers or meal vouchers, they’ll get their regular smoothies at a discounted price, and you get 22% of the cost of the booklet.

Coffee, Chocolate & Candy Fundraiser

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-parent, busy professional, or college student, coffee, chocolate and candy seems to be the one thing that we all need! We’ve partnered with Phil & Sebastian, Master Chocolat – Bernard Callebaut and Sweet Smith Candy Co to offer premium treats. and for every bag you sell, you’ll earn $5 for your fundraiser. Add these onto any meat fundraiser to help satisfy your buyer’s cravings.

Relax and take a deep breathe, because gone are the stressful days of begging coworkers and friends to purchase coupon books they don’t want. Now come on, parents! Let’s slay this season’s fundraising goals!