Fundraising Goals: Let’s get Started

Was you last fundraiser less wow and more work?  Then, your team or organization will want to re-group and figure out new ways to meet and exceed their fundraising goals.

Here are some straightforward tips to help.

Review & Revamp

First, look back at how the last fundraiser went.

What were the biggest stumbling blocks? Frequently, many organizations struggle to find enough volunteers to help plan, organize and follow up on a fundraiser plan. Therefore, it might be necessary to scrap the old ways and find new more efficient ways to reach your fundraising goals. Perhaps, new technology could make it easier for everyone. Consider using an on-line fundraising platform that keeps track of sales and profits per participant in real time. One that handles all the logistics, online payments and can distribute or collect order forms, cash or cheques. Really, anything that can streamline that whole process will be greatly appreciated.

Maybe it was your message? Perhaps your supporters were unsure of how soon you needed the money or where the funds would be going. In that case, you should ensure your next fundraiser has defined goals and objectives. (More on this in a minute). With this in mind, make sure the new plan is specific and informs supporters where their donations will be going and how it will help.

Perhaps the products or services weren’t useful or of good quality? Obviously, even the best supporters don’t want more crap in their cupboards or fridges. Using quality businesses with quality products is key.

Set Clear Goals

Next, make sure your fundraising team sits down and writes up a detailed fundraising goal.

  • Specifically detail how much you need for this and future fundraisers
  • Make sure you have ways to measure and report what you have achieved
  • Break it down into actionable parts with deadlines
  • Be ambitious but not unrealistic
  • Use clear language

Be Accountable

Make sure you can justify your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Specifically, ensure that there is adequate reason for having the fundraiser. Include how the funds will benefit the team or organization members specifically. Particularly, plan to detail where the funds will be going once raised. Also, be sure that you have researched the best fundraiser options for your group.

Check out: Old school vs. New Fundraising options.

Be Open and Transparent

Announce your goals to everyone involved in your team or organization. Be sure to openly discuss how you plan to reach your target numbers. Everyone in your organization needs to know how (and why) they will be expected to support your fundraising goals. This will help to inspire your organization from the inside out.

Additionally, make your goals known to all potential supporters. Once the campaign has started, it is helpful to give regular updates on how the fundraiser is doing. Equally important is letting supporters know what will be done with the funds once raised. Consequently, keeping them engaged for future initiatives.

Celebrate Success

Share and celebrate along the way. Let your team and supporters know when you are “half way there” or “just about at our GOAL”. For example, think of a fun way to cheer each other along during the fundraiser. Have a special bell to ring or horn to sound for every milestone. Maybe, think about giving out a token award (tiara, helmet, necklace) to the big supporter of the week. This will help to keep up the momentum of the campaign.

Say Thank You

Finally, ensuring that you meet or exceed your fundraising goal is a team effort. Therefore, make sure to thank everyone that worked hard to get you to your goal. Use social media sites to spread your gratitude. Send out special recognition to your biggest donors and most dedicated volunteers. Ideally, you want donors to feel appreciated and likely to contribute again in the future.

In the end, it’s important to take the time to clearly define your fundraising goals, openly communicate them both inside your organization and outwardly to donors, track your progress, celebrate your victories, say thank you and stay positive. For more information on TeamFund and how we can make your next fundraiser awesome: Check us out.

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