Did you know that TeamFund can help a group of any size to raise much needed funds?

While a larger group tends to sell more overall products, that doesn’t mean your group can’t be successful too. A small organization that’s motivated and persistent can have a very productive campaign.

We recently had a girl’s soccer team that was raising funds for an out of town tournament. In order to keep costs down for families they decided to use TeamFund to earn money towards their goal. Due to unforeseen circumstances, several players couldn’t participate and they ended up with 10 sellers. With two amazing products, Bow River Meats and Baba’s Homestyle Perogies the group was still able to have a successful campaign. Despite the small numbers the girls raised enough to cover the total cost of hotel and tournament entry fee.

So what does it take for a small group to have a great fundraiser?

Attitude – Regardless if you have a group of 10 or 500, it’s vital that your sellers have a great mindset. They need to be willing to work hard to make sales. Most non-profit organizations have dedicated volunteers and this will translate into motivated sellers. When someone believes in a cause, they want it to succeed. If you can harness this positive attitude you will have a team of super sellers.

Goals – Having a goal is always a good idea because it helps to focus sellers. However, having a clear objective is even more critical if you are working with a smaller group.

Check out our recent blog on setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Setting a target gives your sellers a roadmap to a successful fundraising campaign.

Leadership – Having a profitable fundraiser requires good leadership. This starts with the organizer, but can include other members. Maybe one of your sellers can offer up sales tips to the group. Also look to the natural leaders. Does the team captain have a knack at getting everyone motivated? Having strong leadership is critical to meeting your target and having a great experience.

Persistence – TeamFund campaigns are usually 3 weeks long. While that may not seem like a long time, it’s important to have your group stay motivated. Be sure to stay positive and encourage a final push in the last week. You’d be surprised how much an approaching deadline can revitalize sellers.

Communication – Because you’re working with fewer people, you have less room for miscommunication. Be sure to monitor which sellers have signed up and check-in with anyone who may be having difficulty. Even a couple fewer sellers can affect your bottom line. When you have few members, you want everyone to be engaged. You will also want to make sure everyone knows deadlines and when products will arrive. Respond quickly to any questions.

Messaging – When you don’t have as many people participating, it’s important to find ways to let everyone know you’re fundraising. While tools like social media can work for bigger organizations too, small groups must find ways to spread the word. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent ways to reach a bigger audience. Have friends and family share your fundraising campaign to increase sales.

Don’t be afraid to pursue a fundraising campaign for your smaller group. Let us show you how to reach your goal. Click HERE.