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5 Ways to Prevent your Fundraiser from failing

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Your school or team needs to fundraise. However, your volunteers and supporters do not want to waste their time or money on something bound to fail. Therefore, prevent your fundraiser from failing by following these 5 top pieces of fundraising advice:

1. 📩Message Me

A clear and concise message is key to a successful fundraiser. Fundraisers fail when supporters don’t understand or can’t really “see” what your campaign is all about.

  • Make sure your mission has a defined goal, objective and timeline
  • Make it personal and emphasize the connections this fundraiser will have to your potential supporters
  • Your goal and message need to be clear and detailed, but not lengthy
  • Be specific and tell supporters where their donation will be going and how it will help

2. 😍 All the Feels

Supporters have to know that your ask is credible, sincere and passionate. Therefore, tug at those heart strings with an ask that is personal but professional.

“The Hawks are looking forward to the Edmonton tournament in January. However, they can’t get there without your support. Our team has heart and hustle and they want to share their passion with all their supporters. Your order of $25, $50 or even $100 will help get those sticks on the ice! Our goal is to reach $4500 by the end of the month. Sign up to help TODAY”

3. 💲Talk Ain’t Cheap💰

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” -Antoine de Saint Exupery

Communication is Key. Consequently, you will lose supporters if your message isn’t shared clearly, repeatedly but without brute force. Make sure your ask is:

  • Well informed
  • Professional
  • Does not belittle supporters
  • Is persistent without pressure
  • Is specific in  $  amount and time frame needed

Check out more great advice on how to plan a fundraiser 📊

4. #Engagement💡

Your campaign needs to catch and keep the attention of its potential supporters.


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  • Don’t let your ask get lost in someones Facebook feed or email history
  • Focus on engaging the sellers and not just the sales
  • Believe in the end result and share your enthusiasm
  • Know the purpose of the fundraiser beyond just the funds needed
  • Share your vision and make personal connections

5. 👐Thx

Finally, once you have reached your goal make sure that you follow up with your supporters. In particular, ensure that they know where their donation went and how the funds were used. Send out personal thank-you notes that relay your gratitude. On the whole, a well thought out and sincere Thank You will go a long way towards encouraging re-engagement and future involvement.

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Take our fundraising advice.  Ensure that your next fundraiser will be successful and meaningful to you and your supporters.

What worked for your last fundraiser? Let us know in our comments section.

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