What to do when you hit the Fundraising wall.

Are you finding it hard to make time (and $) for each fundraiser on your families calendar?

Here are some ideas to help you avoid Fundraiser Stress and get you back on track.

Every year, families have to mentally prepare for the onslaught of activity fundraisers. Consequently, they can be left feeling like they are running a never-ending race. And, what does the finish line look like?

Blood, Sweat and Tears my Friends

Picture my neighbor, she has three kids, each in a sport and some kind of music or leadership activity. They attend three different schools (oh and she works, a lot). Her life is a strategic juggle most CEO’s couldn’t comprehend. Because, tied up within all these activities are her kids hearts and desires.

Making the stakes higher than an awkward high jump in short shorts.

And then, just to raise the bar, each one of those activities and schools holds multiple fundraisers over the course of the year. Ready, set, WHAT?!

This is the new norm for kids and extracurricular activities.

How can you pace yourself?

Fundraising can make so many things happen for our schools, sports and activities. Funds raised can off-set the cost for technology, travel and equipment. Additionally, for many organizations it helps keep the lights on in the studios/arenas. Consequently, it’s not something parents can easily opt out of when feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some things you can try in-order to keep on keepin’ on and avoid some Fundraiser Stress:

  • Minimize output and maximize input: When planning fundraisers, see if one or two really great fundraisers can make as much money as 3-4 small ones. Focus on products that people want/use/need
  • Know where the $ is going: If your child doesn’t benefit directly from the fundraiser why bother? Look at fundraiser platforms that track how much each individual raises and keeps the funds in their account
  • Work smarter not harder: Try to help convince organizations to eliminate the low producing fundraisers and stick with ones that have great returns. Avoid fundraisers that require extraordinary volunteer time commitments. On-line platforms that track all the money and data are amazing sanity savers.
  • Choose Time or Money: If you can’t put in the time; just put up the cash.  Maybe, consider just asking for cash and skipping the fundraiser all together.
  • Say No: As a last resort, be upfront and tell them you just can’t give 100% to every fundraiser. 

In the end, we all want our kids to cross that finish line to the sounds of cheers and celebration. If your family is struggling with Fundraiser Stress, then you may lose sight of why you are on the track in the first place. For more information on TeamFund and how we can make your next fundraiser awesome: Check us out.

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