Food: the smart way to raise funds for your cause

Many of the old school fundraising strategies don’t work anymore. Magazine subscriptions are a tough sell now that most are on-line. Health conscious families don’t want more over processed sugary treats in their cupboard. Coupon books are great, but are you getting a good return on them? Bottle drives in January? Enough said.

The fastest growing market for fundraising is quality food.

In order to make sure that your team raises the funds that they need for the season, your team needs fundraising ideas that work.

Have you had to organize or manage a team fundraiser and things went less than brilliantly?  Maybe the products offered didn’t entice the kind of support your team needed.

Consequently, getting people to support your team fundraiser means offering quality, useful products.  We all need and use food.

Fundraising with Food is the Future

With quality food vendors your supporters can be confident that what they order will get used and be useful. Where is your team going to find food products that sell and bring in the kind of profits that your team needs? TeamFund already has them lined up and waiting for you.

TeamFund has proven that food fundraising is where you should target your next fundraiser.

When you build amazing relationships with local food vendors, your team and supporters get to fill their freezers with great quality products and you get great returns. With TeamFund you can even use multiple vendors! Sausages and Perogies? Meat pies and Soup? Coffee and Pasta? Done like dinner!

Check out 4 simple steps to make your next fundraiser a success.

Reach your Fundraising Goals with Food

TeamFund’s platform put the odds of success in your favour. Above all, your fundraising team wants to reach its goals and get back to focusing on the game as quickly as possible:

  • When you offer tasty products that people love your sales climb and your goals are met faster
  • Offering high quality food ensures your supporters come back for more
  • Using TeamFund’s comprehensive online tracking platform allows you to track your progress without stressing about handling money and complicated spreadsheets
  • Your group can confidently raise funds and you can access all your fundraising stats and data in an instant

There is no point in trying to sell overpriced or unwanted products when delicious local and healthy options are available. TeamFund let’s you and you kids spend more time focusing on the reasons you love your sport and less time worrying about fundraising. Forget about old style fundraising that wastes time and money. Offering your supporters local food options is the future of good fundraising.

Let TeamFund help you raise Funds and maybe have a bit of Fun along the way.

Get started today. Download our fundraising package now.