Most Popular Questions


What is TeamFund?

TeamFund.ca is a fundraising platform that helps groups raise funds. We opened in 2013 and have served thousands of groups raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We realised that volunteers need help raising funds and that food is a great fit as it’s profitable, repeatable and always in demand.

Groups raise more with TeamFund because we have made it easy to sign up and start selling.

You can use TeamFund?

If you are raising funds for a cause, you’re good. It can be for your team, school, club, organization either for profit or non profit.You can be a group of employees that want to donate proceeds. To us, it’s about the cause and having a group of people to achieve it. 

We can help regarless. Find out more by Downloading a Fundraising Package here.

Want to talk to us about your goal? Contact us!

We need to raise money, but I don't know where to start.

That’s what we are here for! We’ve helped raise thousands for thousands of groups and have been doing this since 2013! So don’t be afraid. 

Raising money for any cause and any size goal can be daunting.  We get that.

Review our How It Works Page first and then Contact us.

Discussing your goal with us will help you get there faster and we will give you real feedback. 



How much can we earn from a TeamFund fundrasier?

The profits you raise vary on your overall group sales. You will earn between 20%-25% of all sales generated.

Access our free tools to get an accurate calculation of profits.

Our group prefers to split profits based on individual sales - is this an issue?

Hosw you choose to divide your profits is entirely up to you: you can pool your profits into one or split profits based on individual sales.  


Need help deciding how to decide? Contact us and share you goal: we can help you plan.

How long do fundraisers go on for?

Fundraisers usually go on for about 14 days to 3 weeks and orders are ready about 10 days later.


We provide free tools to help you get started. Create your timeline and plan ahead here.

What happens when the fundraiser ends?

When the fundraiser ends, you will not be able to place more orders.

The vendors are alerted and will start making all the products.

You will receive a complete and accurate summary of your profits and sales.

Refer to your dashboard at any time to review reports

Where can you deliver to? Out of town fundraisers

TeamFund is mainly in 4 cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Banff/Canmore and Toronto.

Our delivery boundaries for regular fundraisers are about an hour outside these areas. 

If you are outside these boundaries, we can still deliver to you however there are a few changes:

  1. We require a minimum of 100 boxes sold or else a $100 fee will be deducted from profits
  2. We are not able to solidify a delivery window for time, until a week prior to your delivery
  3. We may not be able to deliver 6 days a week: as we may only deliver in that area once a week. 
  4. If you’re wanting to know if we can deliver to you email us and tell us where you are located. 

The most POPULAR out of town fundraiser is the BACON fundraiser! 


Can products change from time to time?

Yes. We keep our products list fresh and currate new in demand products regularly.

We do carry the best sellers and tend to remove products that aren’t popular. 

Can prices fluctuate from fundraiser to fundraiser?

Yes. We try and keep stable pricing, but groceries go up and down and we have to keep up. For the most part, the products we have are stable, but they can go up or down with pricing.

In saying that, once a campagin is started, the price will not change.

Payments & Fees

How much does TeamFund cost? Are there any upfront costs or fees?

It’s free. There are no upfront costs or inventory to carry. You keep your profits or commissions earned on every sale.

We get paid from our suppliers, so your profits, in the end, are yours.

We do have a $2 flat-rate processing fee for each order placed.

We do not pass along Paypal fees.

Are there any minimum charges on a fundraiser?

We have a 50 items minimum sold on any fundraiser to avoid a $50 penalty for delivery for fundraisers. If you are “Out of town” or outside the 1 hour delivery perimeter, we ask for 100 boxes to be sold or $100 will be deducted from profits. This is to off set the cost of delivery.

If you do not believe that your group can collectively sell 50 items from a fundraiser or vendor, then perhaps this isn’t the right fit for you.

Unsure if you can sell 50 item collectively?

Find out How It works and Talk to us!

What types of payments can you accept?

Orders placed online can be paid for with Visa. Mastercard, Paypal, Visa debit, and Amex.

How does our group get paid?

TeamFund mails out one profit cheque to you as per your cheque details the day after your fundraiser ends.

You can use our handy reports to subdivide the profits if you need to.

Our reports are exportable in Excel and PDF.


Re-issuing a cheque

If your group needs a new cheque re-issued due to forgetting to deposit it, or any other reason, TeamFund can re-issue a new one. There is a $15 admin fee applied to the new cheque mailed out. 

My Orders

Can I place an order and invite others to support?

Yes! TeamFund makes it easy to place orders and also invige supporters. We keep track of all your sales genereated.

When you share your fundraising link and a supporter places an order, you will be able to see it them in “My Orders” tab in your fundraiser portal.

You will also receive a full summary when the fundraiser ends.

How do I know who's purchased from me?

When you share your fundraising link and a supporter places an order, you will be able to see it them in “My Orders” tab in your fundraiser portal.

You will also receive a full summary when the fundraiser ends.

How do we get orders to our buyers

Sellers are responsible to arranging to meet their supporters/buyers.

Buyers are not notified to show up at sellers pick up. Sellers can meet their buyers on location, but buyers will not meet the organizer to pick up their own products.


I don't have a Paypal Account, can I place an order

Yes, you can place an order with Visa, MC, AMEX and Visa Debit.

You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account to place an order, if you did not get an email with a receipt you have not been charged.
Here are a few things to try: 
1.Add your items to cart and click Proceed to pay.
2.When you put in your credential and info click on NO THANKS. 
Note that: You could have issues is if you already have a PayPal account, then it automatically chooses that option for you. 
3.If you are running into more issues, try another device or another form of payment
4.Try clearing your cache/cookies from your browser. 
For security, TeamFund is not able to take orders from customers over the phone.