Most Popular Questions


What is TeamFund?

TeamFund.ca is a fundraising platform that helps groups raise funds. We opened in 2013 and have served thousands of groups raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We realised that volunteers need help raising funds and that food is a great fit as it’s profitable, repeatable and always in demand.

Groups raise more with TeamFund because we have made it easy to sign up and start selling.

Can my team or school use TeamFund?

Yes, we work with schools, teams, and clubs.

We can work with non-profits and charities: call us to see if TeamFund is a good fit for your group: 1.877.966.8424.

How much can we earn from a TeamFund fundrasier?

The profits you raise vary on your overall group sales. You will earn between 20%-25% of all sales generated.

Access our free tools to get an accurate calculation of profits.

Our group prefers to split profits based on individual sales - is this an issue?

Hosw you choose to divide your profits is entirely up to you: you can pool your profits into one or split profits based on individual sales.  


Need help deciding how to decide? Contact us and share you goal: we can help you plan.

How long do fundraisers go on for?

Fundraisers usually go on for about 3 week and orders are ready about 10 days later.

Sell for 20 days, orders ready 10 days later.

We provide free tools to help you get started. Create your timeline and plan ahead here.

What happens when the fundraiser ends?

When the fundraiser ends, you will not be able to place more orders.

The vendors are alerted and will start making all the products.

You will receive a complete and accurate summary of your profits and sales.

Refer to your dashboard at any time to review reports

Payments & Fees

How much does TeamFund cost? Are there any upfront costs or fees?

It’s free. There are no upfront costs or inventory to carry. You keep your profits or commissions earned on every sale.

We get paid from our suppliers, so your profits, in the end, are yours. We do have a $2 flat-rate processing fee for each order placed. We do not pass along Paypal fees.

Are there any minimum charges on a fundraiser?

We do not have a minimum charge, but we do encourage a minimum of 50 items sold on a fundraiser. We focus on group fundraising, and 50 items is the benchmark for you.

If you do not believe that your group can collectively sell 50 items from a fundraiser or vendor, then perhaps this isn’t the right fit for you.

Vendors offer wholesale pricing based on volume; without the volume, it becomes cost-prohibitive for them to enter the fundraising market.

Talk to us: we can help you define your goal and how to get there.

How do we get paid?

TeamFund mails out one profit cheque to you as per your cheque details the day after your fundraiser ends. 

You can use our handy reports to subdivide the profits if you need to. 


What types of payments can you accept?

Orders placed online can be paid for with Visa. Mastercard, Paypal, Visa debit, and Amex.