Before you throw yourself into your next fundraiser you’ll want to strategize your dates and timeline to ensure ultimate success!

Our campaigns run about one month: 21 days to sell and 10 days to fill the order. This means that you’ll want to pick a seller pick up date first and then work “backward” to decide when you should start your fundraiser.

Here are 3 tips to help you choose an ideal timeline:

Workaround major holidays and follow a school schedule

Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas/Holiday Break, Family Day weekend, Easter, Spring Break, May long weekend are all times where family and friends will gather.

This means a great selling opportunity to those potential supporters to a fundraiser.

Consider commencing your fundraiser about 4 weeks prior to any of those scheduled holidays or long weekends.

Use our calendar cheat sheet to help you plan:

We all know that fundraising is timely – but consider your sellers as their timing is essential to making it a success.

Remember that for sellers to be able to reach their supporters, they will need time and time to deliver their orders once they arrive.

Weekends can be a good 

Weekends are a time where everyone, including sellers are out and about. This is a time of opportunity where you can mention and share details about your fundraiser.

As an organizer, don’t be afraid to send a reminder just before a weekend. It often results in sales and profits.