Couples that Volunteer Together

In It To Win It

When couples team up to volunteer for their kids activities the benefits are doubled for all involved. At first, it might seem like a daunting proposal to take on that much responsibility. I mean, you’re already juggling and running like kids party magicians right?

However, here are 6 straightforward reasons why volunteering together will actually make your world just a wee bit more manageable and fulfilling.

1. Know all the ins and outs

Volunteering together means you’ll know what’s going on behind the scenes. Consequently, there will be fewer surprises and dropped balls. Above all, communication is going to be the key to being a successful team.

2. Work as a team for the team

Shake off the pom poms and celebrate your shared goals, values and enthusiasm. Because, wherever you are volunteering, they definitely need that kind of dedication and drive.

3. Share love and commitment to the team and players

Enthusiastic volunteers are contagious. Hopefully, seeing a couple team in action will help others realize the benefits of helping out themselves. Consequently, volunteer roles and responsibilities become more manageable for everyone.

4. Double the impact. Double the Fun

First off, couples that volunteer together make it easier on volunteer coordinators. Doubling up means that coordinators don’t have to chase down as many individual volunteers. Also, you can show your kids that you can support each other as well as their passions. As a bonus, you will both have something new to talk about beside the weather and your bosses.

5. Teach that volunteering is important and fulfilling

Consider that volunteering together helps to teach kids, and others, the value volunteer work. Simply put, you both showed up and made a commitment to helping. Therefore, you become that power couple people can rely on to get things done. Finally, don’t forget that your teaching your kids to place value in helping others.

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6. Have Fun

Couples that volunteer together are happier because they:

  • Know they are helping
  • Are working together to fill a need
  • Are each learning how to resolve issues and manage the blips and bumps along the way
  • Have a common GOALS


Granted, there are no magic tricks involved in keeping up with all the expectations placed on volunteers. However, when couples volunteer together it can make everything run smoother. Hopefully, with a bit more fun and fulfillment.

Are you a couple that volunteers together?  How’s it going?

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