Calgary Girls Choir Case Study

The Calgary Girls Choir

Singing their way to a Successful Choir Fundraiser

When the Calgary Girls Choir (CGC) began, they had a mandate to provide a program the was as financially barrier-free as possible. In order to do this, they accepted that fundraising would be critical to offset costs.

However, they were finding that previous fundraisers had seen their parents spend countless valuable volunteer hours organizing and executing fundraisers, with varying levels of success, and often to disappointing results.

TeamFund changed all that.

More Than $22,000 Raised Since 2018

“A portion of these funds will be going towards supporting 29 of our senior choristers as they journey to North Wales, UK to compete in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. This will be a trip of a lifetime for these girls, full of growth opportunities alongside friends, and one for which each of them has been preparing for years and is thrilled about being able to experience.”

Nancy, Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

Nancy, the Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator at the Calgary Girls Choir (CGC), is thrilled with TeamFund and has made us a regular part of the CGC’s fundraising efforts!

In her words…

Dominique and her team have spent countless hours:

Designing a solid online process that automates and streamlines the fundraising process, making it much more efficient and much less frustrating. This is especially true for new (students) coming in year over year…

Developing and maintaining strong relationships with local vendors that are leveraged into top-notch service and access to products and delivery times that would otherwise be inaccessible…

Working directly with fundraising coordinators of various teams, clubs, groups and schools. Supporting them as much or as little as they need, giving advice and guidance at every stage to maximize results. TeamFund has done all this while consistently seeking feedback from their clients… to provide even better results.

CGC’s Fundraising Stats

A Few Numbers to Chew On

We’re proud of how we were able to help the Calgary Girls Choir achieve their fundraising goals! Here’s a snapshot of how TeamFund has helped them:

Consecutive Years

Girls Sent to Wales

Total Funds Raised

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