My favourite fundraiser has always been “Fill the Freezer”, it is a great way to stock up on delicious local items while supporting our school.

Two years ago I was particularly excited to introduce a new food to our three kids.  Like most kids mine were unsure of a new food prospect so when I suggested perogies there was a bit of push back so I focused on the Bacon and Cheese variety which is an easy sell in this house.  It was time to expand our menu and perogies seemed like a reasonable start.
I eagerly brought home the forms for the many vendors our school was filling the freezer with.

We had cookies, dog cookies, a variety of local meat, local sausages and of course the anticipated perogies.  We invited our neighbours, extended family and friends to fill their freezers too which they happily do every year.  My family ordered from every single vendor our supporters also ordered plenty from every option.

I diligently collected all of the orders by person, wrote down money owed and/or paid, ran calculations then re-ran calculations. I then tackled each vendor form checking the boxes for each item. I double checked the summary amount of the vendor forms with the summary amount of individual orders confirming they were equal amounts.  It took a couple of hours, it was a late night but I confidently handed in the money and forms on time the next morning.

Pick up day came, and as a family that enjoys food we couldn’t wait to get our order, especially those new to the kids bacon and cheese perogies.  I spent over an hour organizing the orders by supporter when I realized we had a box of sauerkraut perogies that nobody seemed to order.

“Plus I was missing one box of bacon cheese perogies.”
I carefully rechecked my papers and my orders. I texted the organizer explaining I’m not sure if I can introduce sauerkraut AND perogies to my kids on the same day.

Perhaps there is a sauerkraut lover wondering about a box of bacon and cheese perogies?  The organizer patiently tracked down the order, showing that in my exhaustion of paper and calculations I had checked the item on the form in error.  So like any good parent I talked those sauerkraut perogies up to my three kids. I served those perogies brimming with enthusiasm and my husband loved every single one, save the three my children took a nibble from because in our house you have to at least try.  While I personally love sauerkraut it turns out it is an acquired taste for most and certainly does not taste like bacon and cheese.

There is a happy ending though, that includes my three children and perogies thanks to TeamFund.  The following year our school used TeamFund which has all of the vendors on-line for “Fill the Freezer”.  I spent five minutes setting up our account then e-mailed the link to our friends and family. They were able to place and pay for their own orders.  No paper, no money collection and no chance of miscalculation on my part.

TeamFund takes care of everything, including having the orders organized at pick up.  When I selected our family’s favourite items, I took a chance and clicked the bacon-cheddar perogies.  Turns out a new favourite in my family is in fact perogies stuffed with bacon and cheese.

Find out how your school, team or group can raise funds with perogies today. Click here.