BlackFoot Hockey Association wins at Fundraising


This spring was a like no other. Many organizations, BlackFoot Hockey was scrambling to figure out what was going to happen to their season and their players.


That didn’t stop President Georgina and vice President Erin from making a few executive decisions:

“We know that this current state of the economy will affect our families in the fall. They are impacted by loss of jobs and we don’t want their kids to miss out on a season”

So they got busy and created a plan. TeamFund stepped in and together we worked out a timeline,  delivery location (Which had to be moved last minute due to heavy May rain!) and an appealing message to help spread to families that Blackfoot is here to help!

Their goal over the spring/summer is to provide our members with opportunities to raise money to apply to your 2020/2021 season registration fees.

The first of these initiatives is our TeamFund fundraiser for Blackfoot Hockey!

This fundraiser gives families an opportunity to fundraise to reduce your next season fees away by Filling Your Freezers with Simple Simons Pies, Soups and Meals and Bow River Meats! 75% of all profits go directly towards reducing your players fees.

The other 25% goes directly into our Player Assistance Fund to help subsidize fees and cash calls for families who can not afford to pay.

This is a great opportunity to Skip the Grocery Store, Support Local and Reduce Costs.  

A true win win for the community: supporting local, by locals for locals!  


In the end, they raised over $11,000 and helped out over 110 families! The feedback from members thus far has been extremely positive. 

The best part too is that Blackfoot families supported two local businesses, Simple Simon Pies, Soups and Meals and Bow River Meats, as well as their Association.

“Everyone is fully prepared for barbecue season and kids can quickly put pies in the oven!


Great work BlackFoot!


If you’d like find out how your organization can team up with TeamFund to help support your favorite local charity or non-profit: contact Dominique @ 403.463.9898 or email me here.  


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