As school Treasurer for a Catholic school in SE Calgary, Crystal Milne knows a thing or two about fundraising.

Most under estimate the time commitment involved, and doing a good job takes organizational skills, accountability and a keen eye for mistakes and data entry errors. Every school has those big money making fundraisers that are themed. Christmas might include poinsettias, chocolate, or other festive buys.

Spring fill the freezer will have tasty options for every palate.

As a Treasurer the profit margin is appealing but the process of these fundraisers is daunting. There are forms for each vendor, summary forms, cheques, cash in baggies that need to be reconciled to forms that weren’t attached.

Error in amounts have to be adjusted, large deposits made usually followed by running to a courier depot to get all the cheques to the different vendors. There are errors and refunds on delivery day.

| Yes, a great profit margin when the hours invested are volunteered.
Last year as Treasurer, Fill the Freezer was approaching but I was busy with our Dance/Silent Auction. Spring came, I was walking down the hall when our Fundraising coordinator quickly handed me a cheque and a Sales Summary. Fill the Freezer is done, we had our highest profits…can you deposit this?
I remember ordering but I was wondering how did this arduous process get done without all my Treasurer hours and skills being employed?
| The answer was TeamFund.

Our organizer realized the profit margins with TeamFund were similar or higher than if we coordinated directly with the vendors.

Our fundraiser was quickly set up on-line, an e-mail was sent to all of the parents who then recruited friends and family to order their favourites. A few weeks later the delivery was made and a cheque arrived at our school a short time after that. The forms, corrections, errors, refunds, large deposits, couriering etc. were eliminated from the process completely.

When I decided to take on the Treasury role my family was made aware of the large time commitment required. The reward for all parent volunteers is seeing how what we do helps to enrich the lives of our kids at school.

TeamFund reduced the Treasurer hours from huge to just making the time to deposit a cheque. I for one can’t wait to get everyone on board to Fill their Freezers next year or maybe we’ll try a Christmas theme to shake it up bit.