Calgary Girls Choir: Singing their way to a Successful Choir Fundraiser

Need a Fundraiser that works in harmony with your goals? Read on my friends.

First, when the Calgary Girls Choir (CGC) began they had a mandate to provide a program the was as financially barrier free as possible. In order to do this they accepted that fundraising would be critical to offset costs. However, they were finding that previous fundraisers had seen their parents: spend countless valuable volunteer hours organizing and executing fundraisers, with varying levels of success, and often to disappointing results

Therefore, when they discovered TeamFund they were pleasantly impressed by their new and improved successful choir fundraisers. Nancy, their Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator, noted that:

Since discovering TeamFund, this has changed immensely for the better. Dominique and her team have spent countless hours:

  • designing a solid online process that automates and streamlines the fundraising process, making it much more efficient and much less frustrating. This is especially true for new (students) coming in year over year;
  • developing and maintaining strong relationships with local vendors that are leveraged into top-notch service and access to products and delivery times that would otherwise be inaccessible…
  • working directly with fundraising coordinators of various teams, clubs, groups and schools. Supporting them as much or as little as they need, giving advice and guidance at every stage to maximize results. TeamFund has done all this while consistently seeking feedback from their clients…to provide even better results

Consequently, Nancy and her team have stuck with their new TeamFund routine.

Hitting the High Notes

To illustrate, this successful duet has helped the CGC raise almost $13000 the last two years! Here, Nancy shares the vision for their successful choir fundraising profits:

A portion of these funds will be going towards supporting 29 of our senior choristers as they journey to North Wales, UK to compete in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. This will be a trip of a lifetime for these girls, full of growth opportunities alongside friends, and one for which each of them has been preparing for years and is thrilled about being able to experience.

Specifically, what the CGC appreciated about TeamFund was it’s easy on-line platform:

TeamFund’s digital platform:

  • allows us to run more than one food campaign per season. Customizing the products we offer to build anticipation for each campaign year over year
  • makes it streamlined and comfortable for our members to share their campaigns and generate greater interest and higher sales than with a paper process
  • helps to eliminate costly and confusing manual-entry errors along the way
  • makes coordinating roles less onerous
  • helps with retention/recruitment
  • frees up valuable volunteer resources for other projects and meaningful tasks
  • results in greater trust, not only in the TeamFund process, but also in our internal budget forecasting.

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Encore Performance

Finally, due to their successful choir fundraisers, the CGC can continue working to ensure that their dreams are in concert with their financials.

We are so grateful that TeamFund is present in our community to help serve the fundraising needs of groups like ours – they are a critical tool and to help support the operations of and open up opportunities for all sports teams, arts groups and organizations. Without them as a resource, our group (and I’m sure countless others) would suffer direct losses to our fundraising programs.

In the end, using a stress free unique webpage and sales portal like TeamFund’s, makes using and tracking your fundraiser easy.

Planning a fundraiser using a well developed on-line platform can:

  • Reduce the number of volunteers and planning time: Above all, the automated platform streamlines your campaign. Therefore, your team spends less time managing the fundraiser
  •  Increase profits: Because, fundraising with food is one of the fastest growing and most profitable markets for team and school fundraising
  • Reduce stress: First off, sign-up and data entry are easy. With secured delivery dates, locations and times there is no need to worry about negotiating with vendors directly. Also, you will never have to distribute order forms or collect cash or cheques
  • Reduce paper work: Considering, an automated process means no spreadsheets and bookkeeping to track data, there is less paper and fewer paper trail errors

Keep up the great work Calgary Girls Choir.

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