Taking the first step can sometimes feel like the hardest part of a fundraising campaign.

We want to help you so we have assembled 5 tips to get you going. Once you have some momentum behind you, you’ll be well on your way to a successful campaign.


Pick a fearless leader

Trying to convince someone to take on the organizer role for a fundraising campaign can be like trying to scoop water with a sieve. You may have people willing to fundraise but it can be hard to convince someone to lead the group. TeamFund’s goal is to make this role a thousand times easier for you. We do that by reducing your workload and stress. Once people realize they won’t be alone, they won’t feel as intimidated. You might even convince them to stick around for next year too.

There are many qualities of a great campaign organizer, but the most important one is someone who is passionate. They need to be able to sell the vision to the group. If the leader doesn’t believe in it, nobody else will either.

Make it quick

Whenever you are making a sales pitch, it’s important to make your message short and sweet. People are really busy and many will tune you out after 15 seconds. Online it’s even faster where people will read a few lines of your post before moving on. You’ve got to get some kind of buy in before they lose interest.

You should also make sales as easy and speedy as possible. If people can get back to their busy life without too much hassle, they are likely going to support you now and in the future. Nobody wants to work hard to support you. Make everything from the message to the purchase simple and you’ll have happy supporters. Happy supporters mean a great campaign.

Social media is your secret weapon

It’s free, it’s easy, and you can reach almost all of your supporters in one posting. Nearly everyone has a Facebook or Instagram profile these days. You’re missing an amazing opportunity if you don’t use them to their fullest extent. They allow you to reach your audience of supporters without a hard sell. A great photo can tell people half your story and keeps them interested longer. Social media is also great for your sellers who are shy. They likely have nightmares about having to approach people directly. Posting on social media will help sleep at night.

Social media is also great at reaching supporters that live further away or those you don’t see much. Again, we’re all so busy and your sellers don’t want to have to spend days trying to reach Aunt Martha between her afternoon nap and bingo night. Posting your campaign on social media allows them to see your post anytime they make it back online. Even if its a few days later.


Bring them into your vision

The most successful sales people will tell you that you have to sell an idea, not a product. If you are selling food, your customers are probably buying quality, taste, or convenience. A car salesperson isn’t selling you a car. Maybe they’re selling you a solution to your transportation problem. Or maybe it’s that you’re successful, youthful, and attractive. Otherwise, we’d all drive the same kind of car and there would be one colour option. When a charity asks for donations, they will try to appeal to your emotions. Maybe they show you photos of the abused animals they help. A children’s hospital might tell you about a child and their medical journey. They’ll probably mention how money from previous donations bought a critical piece of equipment that saved that child’s life. When you tour a show home they always have it decorated and filled with furniture. They do that to help you envision yourself in that home. They are selling a lifestyle; otherwise they would show you an empty home.

What all these things have in common are that they are appealing to your emotions, rather than your logical side. This is why it’s important for sellers to share who your group is. They need to feel how their support will impact your goal in a positive way. Help them see they are a vital part of your journey.

Don’t forget to ask for the sale

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is not asking for the sale. It seems so obvious, but it can be uncomfortable for many people. You can have an amazing product but if your sellers are too scared to ask, your sales will fall flat. Of course there will be some people that will buy from you no matter what. You will also have people that won’t buy from you even if you did back flips for them. In the middle lay the group that need to be asked. Whether you post on social media or make a phone call, make sure to ask for their support. You will make more sales simply by asking for them directly instead of hinting that someone could buy from you.

Don’t be afraid to ask people more than once.

This is especially important if you’re using social media. Make sure you send out the first request, but be sure to follow that up with a reminder half way through your campaign and again a day or two before it ends. This makes sure everyone saw it and gives your busy friends and relatives a chance if they forgot.

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