When thinking about your next campaign, it’s best to prepare in advance. Our short and concise list will be help you get there faster:


Having a purpose is the first to be addressed, as, without a purpose, there is no need to raise funds in the first place.  Our most popular reasons to raise funds are:

  • The team will join in a few tournaments this season
  • Help with additional training costs or facility rentals
  • Purchasing new team wear
  • For schools, funds are mostly raised for a new playground or for new technology equipment

2. Financial goal

Once you have your purpose, set your financial goal required. It’s best to set a reasonable amount, something that you can attain in one campaign. A great example would be that your team is looking to raise $1500 for 3 out-of-town tournaments.

3. Your people or team

Now…this is a big one: your people! You can have a purpose and a goal, but if you don’t have commitment or support from your group, you will not succeed towards your goal. That is a guarantee. Remember that when proposing your plan to your people, you want to generate support. It should also be noted that you will not get everyone to agree, so go for the majority of the votes when presenting your idea.

4. Timeline

Planning your event is a key essential as it needs to fit in your schedule! Some fundraisers run for a day, a weekend or several weeks. All depending on the nature of your event, you’ll have to be sure that it doesn’t conflict with your other important events or holidays. Your time investment needs to be accounted for as well.

5.Your execution plan

Putting a plan in the plan will help you optimize your event. Be sure to go over your details prior to commencing. It should also be noted that you should establish how you will accomplish your goal, what method will you choose to get there?

Up next we are discussing types of fundraisers and this will help you decide what type will help you get to where you want to go.

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