5 Reasons why Quality Food Businesses will Sweeten your Fundraising Rewards.

Candy is for Suckers!

First of all, considering the goal of all fundraising is getting to your fundraising rewards quickly and easily, it’s funny to think back on how its been done in the past.  Remember the days when you had to put on your team uniform, walk block after block hawking boxes of waxy chocolate covered almonds to your friends, family and neighbours? Co-workers would pace the isles and cubicles with cardboard boxes filled with hopeful obligation.

“You buy mine this week and I’ll buy yours next week”

This system was supposed to build a sense of community and responsibility. But, it really just lead to feelings of guilty resignation. Teams and organizations would be rewarded with meager returns while supporters benefited from spikes in blood sugar.

This is not the way it has to be done anymore. TeamFund has a better way.

Food is the future of Fundraising.

Fundraising today has to be useful and meaningful in order to maximize your fundraising rewards. Similarly, it has to meet your fundraising goals with a variety of easy to sell products that your supporters want to buy; not just once but every time you have a campaign.

TeamFund knows this and has already done the hard work for you by partnering with amazing quality food fundraising options. Fundraising with quality food from quality businesses means meeting your fundraising expectations.

Here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Fundraising with quality food is useful and easy.

We’re all busy. Managing our time and family activities can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if you could come home knowing that your freezer or fridge were full of delicious, quick meals from businesses that also supported your teams fundraising goals? Why yes it would.

  • Food is not something that feels like an obligatory donation to your organization
  • Products can be ordered and used when you want, and ordered again because they were easy and delicious
  • Vendors love the business exposure and therefore offer great deals and returns on orders

It’s win, win, win.

2. Food fundraisers are meaningful.

We work hard to try to feed our families healthy food from quality sources. Offering your supporters healthier food products will be appreciated. Especially if those products are already ones you know and love. In addition, it just feels good to support businesses that really appreciate and value a worthy new source of revenue.

3. You can’t beat the variety of great food options

With diverse offerings you can make sure that there is something for everyone. Families today have to navigate a wide range of allergies and food preferences. TeamFund can even offer products from multiple companies within one campaign. It’s great to be able to offer choices that can work for diverse needs and taste buds.

4. Supporting quality food businesses brings fundraising rewards

Vendors love the new revenue stream that TeamFund and it’s clients bring. Consequently, smaller food based businesses are motivated to work with other vendors and organizations to reach new customers. Your organization can be proud of supporting them and having them support you in return.

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5. Offering food options helps to meet your fundraising goals

Finally, your campaign has a fundraising goal to meet.

  • Donors will want to support your cause because what they buy is going to get used and be useful
  • Quality businesses with quality products greatly increases the likelihood that your supporters will order again during future campaigns.
  • Focusing on fundraising with food is one of the fastest growing and most profitable markets for team and school fundraising

Using these fundraising strategies can get you to your fundraising rewards faster. Beak the cycle of selling products that end up in the back of the cupboard or lead to extra trips to the dentist.  Take the guesswork out of what to offer for your next fundraiser by focusing on food. It’s the future of good fundraising. There’s no looking back.

Now, what’s for dinner?

Take the stress out of your campaign and contact TeamFund today.