Arm yourself with knowledge when planning a fundraiser

Knowing what kind of fundraisers give the most bang for your buck is important. Being aware of what kind of people are the most likely to support your group is critical. Market to the wrong group and you’ll have a poor result. Pick the wrong kind of fundraiser and you might be spending more time and money on it that makes sense.

Give yourself an edge with these 5 facts

  1. 🙌Women – Did you know that women are responsible for about two thirds of charitable giving in North America? Of course, this doesn’t mean that men won’t support your fundraiser, but they’re statistically less likely. However, when it comes to writing the cheque or buying the product you’re selling, it’s likely women making that decision. Never miss an opportunity to connect with any supporter, but knowing who your biggest target audience is can help you focus your energy where it’s most likely to get results. how to plan a fundraiser
  2. Volunteers – People who volunteer are nearly twice as likely as those who don’t, to support non-profit groups. Your group members are most likely going to be your biggest supporters during a fundraiser, so don’t forget about them. Not only will these people donate their time, but they already believe in your cause. Because of that they’re more likely to open their wallets for you too.
  3. Email – Email has the highest return on investment of all the ways you can communicate with your potential supporters. For every $1 you spend on email, your group will see an average of $40 back. Those fundraisers that send more than 15 emails raise 76% more than those who send 5 or fewer. So be sure to use this platform to reach out to your supporters because quantity is just as important as quality here.
  4. Social Media – Non-profit groups that use popular online media sites to engage with potential supporters often are rewarded with greater levels of support than those that don’t. Nearly 60% of those who connected via social media with a non-profit supported them financially. Super charge your fundraiser by using sites like Instagram and Facebook. 
  5. Communication – Keep the message straightforward and short when contacting people for your fundraiser. It’s easy to get bogged down in long emails. Supporters will lose interest quickly. You should also send more than one appeal. It can feel uncomfortable asking friends and family for money, but don’t let them forget about you. An initial appeal is an easy part for most of us. Just don’t forget to send an email reminder midway through the campaign and a ‘last call’ a few days before the end. If you send a couple of reminders, you will stay top of mind.

Remember that anyone can become a supporter for your fundraiser

You will be rewarded with higher profits if you know where to focus your efforts. Your target audience is out there. You will reach your goals by using tried and true methods and knowing who to look for. Never be afraid to be bold or persistent. Supporters will give to causes they believe in. Your job is to find them and make that as easy as possible.