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TeamFund was made for non profits like associationsclubsschools, and sports teams to simplify the fundraising process.

Use our built-in social media tools to promote your fundraiser, and accept debit and credit card payments with our integrated payment processor.

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Our founder, Dominique, explains why Food fundraisers are the best <3

We’ve Helped Raise More Than $1,000,000 Since 2013!

And we aren’t about to stop now! In today’s challenging economy, it’s amazing how a tool like TeamFund can accelerate your fundraising and help your group meet its goals.

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Start by downloading your complimentary fundraising package, which gives you the ins and outs on what to expect from your fundraiser, find fundraisers in your area, and then sign up your fundraising group. We make it easy, fast, and fun!

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Using online payments, we eliminate any risk of mishandling cash.

The Power of Social

Our online platform makes fundraising on social easy and profitable.

Local Products

We find the hottest spots near you, & then we get them on our platform.

Super Efective

Since 2013, we’ve helped fundraisers raise more than $1,000,000!

How TeamFund Works

Effective Food Fundraisers

Everyone needs to eat, which is why a food fundraiser is so effective. 

Offer Products People Want

By offering great groceries from local boutique favourites, you’ll offer people something they really want.

No Stress, No Money Problems

Our online platform includes online payments, eliminating hassle and mishandling of cash!

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The first step to getting your fundraiser off the ground is with a free download of our fundraising package, which outlines what to expect, provides helpful tools, and gets your entire group on the same page.

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